Obama FBI Rift

Yesterday we were “treated” to an Obama speech after he met with his national security team at the National Counterterrorism Center in Virginia.

He tried to look tough rather than be tough to show us how much he cares about security. DC Whispers recounts,

… Shortly before that meeting officially commenced, there is said to have been a brief but heated rebuke by Barack Obama against a “top FBI official” assumed to be Director James Comey.

That rebuke, described as a “snarl” was apparently initiated by Director’s Comey’s alleged suggestion a “temporary pause” be initiated over immigration from certain regions of the world known to be primary breeding grounds for Islamic-based terror. It is in fact a policy suggested earlier by Republican presidential candidates, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

The president, who until then is said to have appeared both bored and irritated at having to attend the meeting that was primarily part of a Jarrett-initiated public relations campaign intended to show Mr. Obama remains “strong on terror” preceding what will be an Executive Order gun control measure due to be unleashed by the White House very soon, did a “double-take” following the suggested immigration pause due to what is a very real and ongoing terror threat.

Mr. Obama apparently sat at the head of the table clearly unhappy for the remainder of the meeting over the immigration policy suggestion and then made certain that Director Comey stood farthest from him (so far in fact Comey was not even shown by the news cameras) as Mr. Obama addressed the nation – no small feat given Director Comey stands six-foot-eight and thus towers over Barack Obama.

Likely the FBI’s attempt to sway the president’s determination to actually accelerate Muslim immigration into the United States was influenced at least in part by testimony this week from Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson who admitted when questioned by members of Congress the following:

“We do have to be concerned about the possibility that a terrorist organization may seek to exploit our refugee resettlement process…This is true of this country, that’s true of every other country that accepts refugees.”

It seems there are those affiliated with his own administration who think Mr. Obama is far more concerned with maintaining his focus on defending Muslims even when that focus appears to run counter to protecting Americans from terrorist attack. What appears even more clear at this point is the increasingly icy relationship between the FBI Director and the current President of the United States.

Another press appearance is schedule for Obama today.

The more he comes forward to chest thump, the more pathetic he looks.

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