New Officers Take Charge

Georgeann King welcomes new Midtown Republican Club president, Sam Goff, (center), and treasurer Flip Brooks.

A new slate of officers was voted in last night at the monthly Midtown Republican Club meeting. Sam Goff will serve as president, with Drew Daniel vice president. Philip Brooks will continue as treasurer and Tim Beacham is our new secretary.

It’s a good, strong team and we wish them all the best.

Lynn Moss came to speak on behalf of presidential candidate Ted Cruz. “He’s an easy fit for me,” she told us, adding, “The only hope our country has is the Republican Party.” Moss touted the Cruz campaign’s financial success with a strong purse and organization on the ground.

“Conservatives are coalescing behind him,” she said, citing the endorsements of Freedom Works and the Values Voters group. “He has a proven record and fought on issues that matter most to conservatives, such as cutting taxes, illegal immigration and Obamacare.”

Julie from the Rubio campaign said she has been following her candidate since 2010 and likes what she sees. Her husband is a delegate from the 9th district for him and hopes to speak with us next month.

County Commissioner Steve Basar and his wife stopped by. Lower taxes and more efficiency in government is something he hopes will happen at the County Commission this year. He mentioned the tension between Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell and Commission Chairman Terry Roland, “but it’s a little bit of personality clash and never as bad as the newspaper says.”

Basar also mentioned the issue of schools. The County Commission is looking at East High, which they think may be underutilized. “Maybe we need to look at doing something different there,” he said.

Dr. George Flinn also stopped by. As a radiologist he is concerned that the new standards for mammograms – that they aren’t necessary before age 50 – will result in many more cases of breast cancer. “My main goal is to keep Congress from stopping mammograms at 40. Please sign the petition at”

Richard Morton attended and he told us that he is running for General Sessions Court Clerk. “I am unopposed in the March primary,” he said, “but will begin campaigning after that.”

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