Coming to America?

What do you get when you have an open arms policy towards anyone coming from the Middle East? Rapes, reprisals, mockery, violence and assaults evidently.

The American media hasn’t put much of a spotlight on the terrible events that happened across Europe on New Year’s Eve. In particular, assaults and rapes by Islamic men of German women took place in Cologne.

Better coverage comes from the British newspapers. The Daily Mail can be read online and a fuller picture of news – even American news – can be found there.

They have covered the chaos in this article by Nick Fagge.

Grinning asylum seekers taunted police trying to break up the ugly rabble who turned central Cologne into a lawless ‘open toilet’ – by telling them to be ‘nice’ – because they’d been invited by Angela Merkel.

The sex mob of migrant Arab and North African men tore up their temporary residence permits and threw them at officers who battled through New Year’s Eve to regain control of the streets, which were covered in feces and vomit.

Outside the city’s historic cathedral, where the 1,000 ‘drunk and stoned’ migrants sexually assaulted and robbed 100 women declared: ‘You can’t do anything to me – I will get myself a new one in the morning.’

Another told them: ‘I am Syrian, I must be handled in a friendly manner. Mrs. Merkel invited me here!’

Amid the chaos, the crowd mocked officers – who were attacked with fireworks and bottles as they tried to get control of the violent crowd.

One officer told German newspaper Bild that the migrants, one million of whom Germany welcomed last year with open arms, offering a safe, new home, said he hadn’t seen anything like it in almost 30 years with the force.

‘The very high number of migrants was striking,’ he said. ‘The forces met a level disrespect, I have not seen in 29 years of service.’

Yet president of the Cologne Police Wolfgang Albers and Cologne mayor Henriette Reker have said there is no reason to believe those behind the New Year’s Eve sex attacks were refugees.

The women were assaulted, with at least one raped, during the chaotic scenes outside the city’s central train station in the lead up to midnight.

The denial has thrown those who worked on the streets.

One officer told Cologne’s Express newspaper: ‘We arrested 15 people. These people have been in Germany for only a few days or weeks.

‘Of these 15 people 14 are from Syria and one from Afghanistan.

‘This is the truth even if it hurts.’

He added: ‘I had young women standing next to me crying because they no longer had any underwear after the mob had spat them out.

These scenes shocked me and we have to deal with it.

‘First Aid staff and doctors working that night have confirmed that asylum seekers were among the mob.’

An internal police report detailed how members of the sex mob had ripped up their temporary residency papers in front of officers ‘with a smile on their faces’, Bild reported.

The report stated that officers began receiving reports of women being attacked in the city’s historic centre at 10.45pm.

It said: ‘People came up to us to report that they had been attacked before we could even park the car.

‘When we pulled up the mob attacked us [police officers] with fireworks.

‘There were more than 1,000 people from mostly immigrant backgrounds.

‘They were throwing fireworks and bottles into the crowd.

‘People came to us to report that they had witnessed beatings, robberies and sexual assaults against women.

Officer recognized immediately that they needed to take urgent action. But the mob continued to throw fireworks and bottles even though tried to intervene.

‘Women had the run the gauntlet through the drunken mob.

‘Officers feared that there was a risk of serious injury or death due to the use of fireworks so after consulting with superiors they decided to try to clear the area.’

The authorities began to clear the crowd at 11.30pm, but it would take another 45 minutes to finally disperse the rabble, who were ‘drunk and had been smoking cannabis’.

‘Beatings and theft continued around the area after officers had dispersed the crowd,’ the report continued.

‘Shocked and crying women and girls came to the officers to report they had been sexually assaulted by groups of men from an immigrant background.

‘Identification of the perpetrators was not possible because of the size of the crowd. So we decided to disperse the crowd to prevent further assaults.’

All officers could do was clear the area, according to the report, with the huge number of suspects making it impossible to make arrests.

The mob then ran into the station, across the railway lines to reach the already overcrowded platforms.

‘People were vomiting and urinating throughout the train station. People were also collapsed unconscious.’

Chancellor Merkel said yesterday that Germany must now have a ‘fundamental’ debate about how to integrate newcomers.

Many people have blamed her for encouraging migrants to come to Europe with her announcement in August that she would ignore EU rules and give asylum to all Syrians.

Germany’s justice minister Heiko Maas said yesterday that if asylum seekers are found to have taken part in sex attacks, ‘deportations would certainly be conceivable’.

He said the law allows for people to be deported during asylum proceedings if they are sentenced to a year or more in prison.

Good luck rounding them up. Good luck to other innocent women, children and men who are in for more of the same.

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