State of Obama’s Union

I hadn’t intended to watch the whole SOTU. In fact, I didn’t think I could watch someone lie for 59 minutes without turning away.

However, it was – mercifully – his final one. We won’t be subjected to this anymore. But it was so bad and so typically Obama that I couldn’t stop watching. It was like a worthless TV show that you just had to continue watching because stupid things beyond belief kept being said. It was really a state of Obama’s vision of the union, not reality.

The coverage began as it always does with a pan of the audience. Actually that was quite amusing, too. I saw Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell. Couldn’t help but wonder if he liked being there. I’m not sure I’d have the stomach for it. At least he was up a few rows from Michelle O, otherwise it would have been hard not to squirm in the seat.

Saw Steve Cohen, too, but not with our new Mayor Jim Strickland. Perhaps Cohen was even too much for Jim. Cohen was seated next to Charlie Rangel and one of the Hispanic congressmen, perhaps Luis Ortiz. Not sure.

Consiglieri Valerie Jarrett was there. How could she not be? I’m sure she had some strings to control on her “boss.” Secretary of State John Kerry was there. Mr. Midtown Republican quipped that he looked like the picture of Dorian Gray the younger DG kept in the attic.

The liberal Supreme Court members were present, and yes I include John Roberts. Ruth Ginsburg started nodding off. It’s kind of her custom to do that now during the SOTU. Maybe a few before the show, too?

The military members did not look happy. Grim, in fact. No wonder.

It was also evident that Democrats clap funny. Michelle is kind of like a seal in her technique. Others had odd configurations as well. It was, after all, the Democrats who clapped for the clap trap Obama spewed.

Behind POTUS, Biden looked like he was in a love trance. Later he looked like his thought bubble said “donuts” and wanting to go night night. Paul Ryan was prudent in his expressions, but I couldn’t help wishing he had a large foam hammer that he could wield every time Obama started lying.

Obama followed his usual formulaic acting method. He has his now well known cadences and pauses, with looks to each direction like a tennis match and held tilted with some arrogance. It was robotic and if you overlaid his past SOTU speeches with this one you would probably find they line up quite similarly.

He began touting “the biggest streak of job creating in history” of his administration. It made me think how candidate Obama kept bashing GWB about the jobs he created being hamburger flippers. In Obama’s 7 years, you’d probably be lucky to get that. They count as jobs anything, even temporary and part time ones. For all I know, babysitting qualifies. The rest of us are just not feeling that streak.

He mentioned universal pre-K, something that Luttrell must have loved. It’s one of his pet, tax inducing, money wasting projects. Obama wants to make college affordable for every American. Hmm. Does every American warrant college? Couldn’t help thinking about the Making a Murderer Netflix series. Should we fill up colleges with two thugs like them whose IQs together barely reach 150? Is that what we need to do with our tax money?

And if he deems it so important, why did he wait til his last year to work on this?

Obama loves to call us “folks” a term I find insulting. When he says it, it has a ring of “peasants” or “the great unwashed.” He tried to be a funnyman with his quip about the only Americans who are getting fat pensions and benefits are sitting in that room. The rest of us don’t find that situation quite so amusing.

The president mentioned how the food stamp people didn’t cause the economic crisis. He slathered on a big heap of anti Wall Street/capitalism. They’re always his bogemen, but bogeymen whose money he readily accepts.

When Obama said Joe Biden will be “mission control” in charge of curing cancer, whoa. Biden can’t even run his own campaigns. He’s not even a doctor, though his wife is. That’s like me being put in charge of NASA.

Continuing his streak of “exaggerations” Obama said that the US is the most powerful country in the world. If that’s true, why were ten Americans being held in Iran at that very moment? He insisted on using the term ISIL and insisted that the terrorists are not Muslims, just “killers and fanatics.” OK, but killers and fanatics whose lives revolve around Islam. He brought up again that Osama Bin Laden is no longer with us. Neither are the San Berandino victims, Paris victims, Charlie Hebdo and more. Delusional.

Saying that we must “position ourselves to improve the lives of the Cuban people” was another inanity. But that’s not nation building? He said we helped the Ukranians “preserve their democracy.” Seriously? Why are the Russians occupying their country them. Again, delusional.

Obama mentioned we should take charge in curing malaria. Who’s he going to put in charge of that? Sean Penn? Ridiculous.

There was more, but it was what we’ve heard before. Like how he starts every day with a security briefing. Except, he doesn’t. Others have said he only looks at them infrequently. Again. delusional.

I found it amusing that Channel 5 robotically tweeted everything POTUS said. Talk about in the bag.

As he spoke, Obama’s voice got shrill and even more shrill. He was trying too hard. I had to agree with the camera shot of a little boy who had fallen asleep.

Probably the best use of his time and ours.

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