13 Hours

The movie about the Benghazi fiasco opened this weekend and I went to see it.

When it happened on September 11, 2012, information came out slowly. It was hard to picture what happened there, particularly since we were purposefully given false information. TV graphics and media descriptions failed to describe adequately the compound where Ambassador Chris Stevens and the CIA people were housed. Where was it in the city, how many people were there and how did the attack unfurl were confusing.

13 Hours gives the full picture and also an idea of the character of the men who went to defend it.

What men they were, too! They laid self aside and jumped into the frey. Of course, three of them died, along with Ambassador Stevens.

The story telling is gripping, even though we all know how it ended. What continues to shock is the complete reluctance of the government to save these people. Obama is mentioned once, as in “POTUS has been informed.” Hillary Clinton is not mentioned at all. But it’s a story of what didn’t happen that stands out.

POTUS was informed, but did nothing. Planes were scrambled and special forces readied, but they were not used. If that’s how our top officials treat an ambassador – and one they claimed to like – you can imagine how they feel about average Americans. I couldn’t help but wonder how Obama and Clinton could go to bed that night, knowing that our embassy was under attack and people were dying. How could any decent person not order help for those people? It’s beyond belief.

Questions have been asked about what Obama was doing at the time of the attack, but only by Republicans and conservative commentators. It’s still a mystery. The media preferred to go along with the bogus story of the youtube video supposedly inflaming Muslims. In the movie, it is clear that nothing of the sort was going on in Benghazi. The attackers had been planning this for at least weeks.

Will the movie have an impact on the election? In the audience at the show I attended mostly older people were there. Young people don’t seem to want to know the truth or anything that might intrude on their personal view of the world and challenge it.

Like the hapless CIA people at the embassy, they will not know it until the enemy comes into their own backyard.

Who will be left to defend them and us then?

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