January 20, 2017

We can now begin the official countdown for the last days of President Obama.

365 days from now we will be watching as a new president will raise his hand and be sworn in as our commander in chief. Republicans are hoping it will be one of ours. With Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders as opponents, there is reason for Republican optimism.

Now who that person will be we do not know. Supporters of the top five candidates all want to believe it is their man. Let’s face it, anyone of them would be superior to Obama, Hillary or Sanders. While factions are sparring now, I have hope that within the next few months, GOPers will coalesce behind the winner and stop the infighting.

The past seven years have been among the most difficult I can remember – politically, that is. We’ve had to watch the media anoint Obama, promote him, defend him and story tell for him. They’ve ignored so many evil things that he has promoted, from Fast and Furious, to Cash for Clunkers, to losing Iraq and Afghanistan, to seeing the American workforce shrink, while the poverty rolls grow to enslave us in Obamacare.

Delusional people won’t agree with this, but they are not living in the world most of us inhabit. Stark reality will come knocking at some point.

We’ve got a rough year ahead, what with Obama wanting to implement everything he wanted to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” That will be ugly. Most of us have given up hope that Congress will step in or that the Supreme Court will rule in favor of our Constitution.

Only a conservative, pragmatic, thoughtful person can lead us out of this. He or she will need to command the media and not let it define him or her. It’s going to take backbone, but it can be done.

Obama will not leave power gracefully. He’ll not be a George W. Bush and refuse to comment at whatever the next president does. He will hang around Washington as much as possible and continue to use the media to influence issues. The next president, should he or she be Republican, will have to have a strategy for dealing with this or be overrun.

Still, it does the heart glad to think of the ride to the inauguration with Obama having to watch as someone else takes charge and takes all that power and attention drain away from him. It’s got to hurt.

For that, I can wait the long year ahead.

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