Obama Romance Gets Fictionalized

A movie debuted at the Sundance Film Festival that had the packed audience rapt.

“Southside With You” is the name of the film, which is about Michelle and Barack Obama’s first date. It all takes place in a day and paints the couple as attractive, kind, caring and involved.

It shows Harvard student Barack spending the day with Michelle, a second year associate with a Chicago law firm. They start out at the Art Institute of Chicago, have a picnic lunch, go to a community organizer meeting, share beers and then go see Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing.”

Only it’s fiction. That’s not what really happened. As I recall, Obama tells of treating Michelle to a Baskin Robbins ice cream on their first date. Nothing quite so all encompassing as the film’s day really took place.

“Ultimately, I wanted to see someone who looked like me falling in love up there and I think everybody can relate to that. … It’s not Republican, Democrat or anything else. It’s just a love story, said the actress who portrays Michelle Robinson and also co-produced the film.

Yes, a “love story” with a deeply political message.

I find this deeply disturbing. First, because it’s propaganda. Why wouldn’t they wait til he’s out of office to foist this on us, except that they have other motives – to present the liberal point of view on activism.

But more importantly, it’s disturbing because it’s how history and the truth are treated nowadays. The truth takes a backseat to what they want us to believe. And young people swallow it like hungry guppies getting fish food pellets. The younger generation has grown up on fiction and can no long discern it from the truth.

Look at all the “documentaries” out that are half truths that don’t give the full picture of an event. Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 911” comes to mind, as does this recent Netflix show, “Making a Murderer.” One side is presented and it is meant to and achieves changing history and facts.

Many have doubted there is much of a love story in the Michelle/Barack “romance.” It was politically convenient for him to marry the daughter of a prominent Chicago politician. It gave him a boost. Some have suggested the move was a collaboration by people behind the scenes who had a career plan for Barack Hussein Obama.

Yet, if we let things like this slip, they will get into the history books. Without a clear view of what really happens in the world, good judgments for the future cannot be made.

Who will be left to know or care about the truth?

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