Stop the Hysteria

We are really in the crazy campaign season. At this time it’s best to turn off the news channels and talk radio. We’ve reached the point of hysteria and you’re not learning anything new by finding out poll results or the latest slurs one candidate has made against another.

In this context, I can’t blame Trump for skipping the debate. All that will come out of it is a sound bite that will be taken out of context, massaged and shaped to fit a point of view. Haven’t we heard all of their positions anyhow? Weren’t we going to cut back on the debates? Do they really contribute anything? On the most complex issue, a candidate might get five minutes at most to talk about it. Usually they waste some of that thanking voters/media/audience and plumping up their virtues.

If you saw the O’Reilly Factor last night you can verify the insanity. O’Reilly cajoled, begged and bullied Trump to come to the debate. Is that because Fox knows it will lose a lot of viewership without him? O’Reilly asked if he would pull out of international meetings were he president. That wouldn’t look good, he implied. Yes, like Reagan left Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in Reykjavik and the talks collapsed? That was a good thing and a good choice.

It’s about time someone took the reins of the media as Trump has done. There’s not a channel or radio host who doesn’t have an opinion and wants to tell you to follow him. They are more concerned about advancing their own careers than helping viewers find out about the candidates’ plans.

Better to hear their speeches directly, look at their websites and research the issues yourself. I won’t be watching the debates.

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