How Cruz Won

Something was gnawing on me about Ted Cruz ever since he announced he was running for president. There was a lingering unease for me about him. The other day I ran across a bit of information that was the “ah hah” moment. Someone mentioned that Cruz originally had wanted to be an actor.

Bingo! That was it for me. He has never seemed completely himself when on the stage. That, and the Elmer Gantry/Jim and Tammy Faye preacher vibe I get when watching him.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up around preachers that I don’t feel comfortable with the lifting up and Bible verses spouted easily by anyone. I prefer a more private method of communing with God.

Anyhow, that just goes to show that Cruz accomplished a lot with this persona. That he’s not really that way surfaced in some dirty tricks to obtain that victory he did. said

The Cruz camp is slandering Donald Trump tonight at the GOP caucuses.

The Cruz precinct captain Tim Osborne smeared Trump tonight in Des Moines saying Trump was for abortion and amnesty just six months ago.
Six months ago Donald Trump was already running for president.
And he’s reading his talking points.

It looks like the Cruz folks will stop at nothing.

Fortune adds that

The Carson camp claimed Cruz’s team spread false rumors at caucus sites that Carson had dropped out.

Ben Carson was incensed as the results of Monday night’s Iowa caucuses rolled in, accusing the winner of spreading falsehoods about him at caucus sites.

Carson’s team claimed that Cruz’s campaign deliberately sent emails to supporters to spread false rumors at caucus sites that Carson had dropped out, so his supporters would caucus for other candidates.

“That is really quite a dirty trick,” Carson said speaking to reporters at the end of the evening. “That’s the very kind of thing that irritated me enough to get into this quagmire.”

“To have campaigns come out and send emails to their caucus speakers suggesting that Dr. Carson was doing anything but moving forward after tonight is the lowest of low in American politics,” said Carson campaign manager Ed Brookover.

And from Talking Points Memo:

Former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin wondered Monday if Rep. Steve King (R-IA) had been “huffing ethanol” when he said Donald Trump bought Palin’s endorsement.

King, who’s endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), suggested earlier Monday on MNSBC that Palin had been bought off, saying that Trump had wooed her with “assets” and “resources.”

Palin responded to the charge while introducing Trump at a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

“It’s dirty business but why would a conservative guy want to say something that he knows isn’t true?” Palin asked the crowd. “Maybe he’s forgotten some of his heart in the heartland. Maybe he’s been hanging out in a corn field too long huffing ethanol.”

This was a must win for Cruz. Looks like he did everything possible to ensure it, along with sending out scare letters to his caucus leaders giving them an F for not showing up. He also invoked “the body of Christ” in talking to his supporters, as if he is the only way to ensure Christianity and that he has the backing of Jesus.

He’s now opened the door to a lot of ammunition coming his way.

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