A Personal Look at the Donald

Elaine Ervin
Elaine Ervin

Elaine Ervin has experienced what it means to come in contact with Donald J. Trump.

The Trump supporter told a personal story last night at the Midtown Republican Club meeting that told a lot about what the real tycoon is like.

“When my husband was retiring from the military we decided to celebrate. We went to the Taj Mahal and had seen Donald Trump. We had a special deal on a room for $66 a night. When we got there we were told “our suite wasn’t ready yet.” The Ervins thought that was odd, but their luggage was taken up to the room. “We walked into our room and it was a luxury suite! It was beautiful, big and every button you pushed, something happened. We were told it was a suite to say ‘thank you for serving in the military.'”

“Now that was in 1995,” she continued, “long before he ran for president he believed in helping veterans.” She sent him a thank you note and recently, when she met him again on the campaign trail, told him about this. “I told him he probably didn’t read my thank you note,” Elaine continued, “so I thanked him again. He said, ‘I should have done more.'”

Mrs. Ervin said “He’s the best person to have as a friend and the best father.” She says his daughter, Ivanka, tells the story of her struggle with some math she was having. “She walked into his office, and even though he was busy with others, Trump put them on hold, saying ‘I have to help my daughter.’ “This is the kind of person he is.”

Of course, she has other, substantive reasons to support Trump.

“Donald Trump is the only person with a big enough mind to turn this country around. We have to have someone to balance the budget and get us out of debt.

“He’s strong against ISIS. That makes me very happy as a retired military wife. I’ve seen too many give their lives. Right now we’re not doing anything that protects Americans. There’s no one running who cares as much as he does.

“Trump is as strong on the second amendment. Right now he can’t carry because he has Secret Service protection. I know he hates that. He likes to go hunting with Eric and Donald Jr.”

Ervin said that Friday, February 5, the state director for the Trump campaign will be at the Butcher Shop at 11 to stump for Trump. It is open to any interested party.

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