Random Thoughts on New Hampshire

John Sununu do you still think Trump’s win is a loss?
Steve Doocey interviewed Trump before his victory speech. Interesting to watch his daughter, Ivanka, in his retinue. She scrutinized everything he said. They say she is his main campaign advisor and that he listens to her above all others. She was watching to see if he covered all his points, which he did. So much for that “war on women.”

Enjoy your second place victory John Kasich. It’s not going to happen in South Carolina. You have very little appeal in the South.

Ted Cruz, this is what a blue or purple state battle would look like for you. You’re not going to be able to get a one of them, such as Virginia, Colorado or Ohio.

Dana Perino commented last night that Jeb Bush was asked whether he thought Marco Rubio was a robot. Dana remarked on his denial of it, commenting that he’s a gentleman. Except, his campaign people sent others dressed in cardboard robot costumes to scuttle Rubio. He had to have been behind the dirty tricks.
By the way, two words that won’t work for you in South Carolina: Common Core.

Chris Christie says he’s going home. I think South Carolina is a bridge too far.

Carly Fiorina did better than Ben Carson. Time for Carson to throw behind Trump.

Hillary will take some people to the woodshed. Just watch out for flying vases and pots as she spouts expletives. Wouldn’t want to be in that room.

Democrats, if a Communist is your nominee, it should be easier for the GOP than Bush vs. Dukakis.

Megyn Kelly, what’s with the black dress? Were you in mourning at Trump’s win? Lots of downcast faces at Fox.

Next up: debate in South Carolina Saturday. Hope Nikki Haley can keep her mouth shut.

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