A Sad Debate

If you watched last night’s debate it might have reminded you – particularly after the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia – of the funeral of a beloved patriarch.

The family gathers to mourn, but before long tensions break and arguments ensue. One relative thinks that others have not done what the deceased wanted; another wants to inherit it all; another claims it’s his inheritance; while others bring up old, smoldering hurts and slights.

It never ends well. Everybody ends up looking bad.

That’s what happened last night.

The clan mostly ganged up on Trump, who let himself get angry. Cruz got dragged into the muck, keeping that same supercilious look he wears on the stump. Rubio did OK, but he talks so much, it gets tiresome. Jeb acted particularly nastily. I never noticed what beady eyes he has. During W’s campaigns many asked why Jeb wasn’t running. He seemed so much more together than W. Now I see why. Jeb is a desperate Mama’s boy.

Kasich’s holier than thou stance didn’t endear me either. His “let’s all come together” stuff doesn’t work in an electorate tired of our side getting trounced and giving in at every opportunity. Carson was fine, he just isn’t in the game anymore.

Pundits, tweeters and facebook fans were quick to deride Trump.

However, I have found that what voters say they like and how they vote are two different animals. If you look at the polls taken last night, Trump comes first in every one of them. Particularly shocking is the Blaze poll, run by Cruz worshipper Glenn Beck.

Drudge: Trump 56.3%, Cruz 20.68, Rubio 12.31, Kasich 4.91, Bush 3.07 and Carson 2.53.
Time magazine: Trump 66%, Rubio 13, Kasich 8, Bush 6, Cruz 5 and Carson 2.
The Blaze: Trump 46, Cruz 33, Rubio 10, Kasich 4, Carson 4, Bush 3
The Right Scoop: Trump 69.86, Cruz 12.1, Rubio 9.63, Kasich 3.56, Jeb 2.44 and Carson 2.41
Fox 5 San Diego: Trump 71.87, Rubio 10.73, Cruz 5.83, Kasich 4.33, Bush 3.9 and Carson 3.34.

This is just a few of the polls. There are more here: http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/02/13/who-won-the-debate-list-of-polls/

Of course, this could just be a matter of enthusiasm. Trump supporters may have urged each other to vote more than other candidates. Still, this is an indicator of support and voter turnout.

For the next week pundits will go wild with all their predictions. The only telling thing will be next Saturday’s South Carolina vote.

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