Trump Shows the GOP

Like him or despise him, you have to admit that Donald Trump has shown us how completely out of touch our party is. It has also shown how completely out of touch the media and the pundits are, too.

Why is it that someone can come to the forefront and speak plainly, draw unprecedented numbers of people at rallies, gather Reagan Democrats to his side and cause party turmoil? What’s wrong with that? Trump is certainly supporting issues that form the bedrock of the GOP (supposedly) – such as strong national defense, lower taxes and individual freedom. He has spoken up for the military, the second amendment and against abortion. Somehow that angers the establishment and makes them panic.

The GOP has become Democrat light and, I might add, subservient to lobbyists and donors. That’s another thing that has us fly over people incensed. We gave them big victories in 2010 and 2014 only to see our votes squandered by inaction. Is this so hard for them to understand?

In Congress we get a new Boehner in place of the old one. He’s younger, but only a little. We get the same old same old in senators like Corker and Alexander. By the way, why do they have to be the speakers at the Lincoln Day Dinner? They have nothing new to say. They are not beloved and they should be back in DC fighting Obama’s attempt to take over the Supreme Court. Tone deaf, again.

Yesterday Drudge had a headline saying that Americans’ biggest complaint in the campaign is the media. Not a surprise to any of us. They twist things. They skew events and words. They don’t even try to hide their bias anymore.

I have stopped watching Fox News in the past few weeks because even they are not getting it. When they first appeared here in 2001, they were a breath of fresh air. They knew they were fighting their way among networks and tried harder to be “fair and balanced.” They are neither now. Just this morning I clicked on briefly to see what they were doing. Their poll said that about 62% of Republicans fear Trump. What kind of question is that? Of course voters will respond in a way that favors their candidate. Come on, Fox, stop the making of news. Just report it.

Further proof that they don’t get it: National Review launches a nuclear war against Trump. It fails to have any impact whatsoever. No one believes these elites anymore. They have roosted in DC only to sit and squawk out predictions that fail to materialize and pronouncements that never lead us any closer to true conservative government. One of them said today he wants Paul Ryan for president! I don’t need to say anything about that inane idea.

Then there are the post debate commentaries, which I have also stopped watching. They only prove they know nothing. Every time they say Trump is finished, his polls rise again. You don’t need to keep coming back to a well that has dried up, do you?

Blogger Don Surber has said we are at a transformational moment. “Just as the Great Depression swept out the old government, and just as the Civil War swept out the old government, we are on the precipice of wiping the slate again.”

And it’s a good thing.

The status quo must be shaken up from time to time. If it isn’t done in small ways, it gets done by revolutions that are violent and chaotic.

Trump – and Cruz, if you consider him a semi-outsider – are pushing the GOP to gain new members and keep the old ones. It shakes up the DC world, but in a good way.

If there is anything to be scared about, Fox News and RNC, it is keeping the dysfunction we have now.

Wouldn’t it be ironic, too, that Obama’s desire “to fundamentally transform the United States of America” ended up reinforcing the very thing about us he wanted to destroy?

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