Trump Triumphs

What are some takeaways from the big Trump victory in South Carolina?

For one, Trump won evangelicals in every county. So much for Ted Cruz’s attempt to lure them. He even lost in the county where he preached last Sunday.

If Cruz can’t make it in South Carolina, his future dims. Projections are that Trump will win 8 of the 10 SEC primaries March 1st. Southerners are not easily snookered, Ted.

Last summer I liked Cruz and when he came to Memphis I went out to see him and even had my picture taken with him at the Agricenter. But as the campaigns have gone on, I have lost a lot of respect for him. What he did to Ben Carson in Iowa was appalling. He has a renowned dirty trickster in his campaign staff and that guy has been busy. He’s since Iowa used a photoshopped (and poorly done one, too) against Marco Rubio. After awhile, people realize what’s going on. I think that cost him in South Carolina.

Reports also said that Cruz closeted himself (literally) with Carson the night of the conservative forum. They spoke for 20 minutes and Carson emerged angry. Cruz erred again. Probably he was urging Carson to get out and hand his voters over to him. Last night Carson gave a speech saying he would not get out. Good for him. Talk about tone deafness!

The bogus poll that was floated on Thursday merely confirms my thoughts that it is best to shut down on a lot of the media right before an election. Wild rumors run amok and you can let yourself be deluded. Remember in 2012 all the bogus polls that showed Romney ahead? Turned out to be a head fake even Karl Rove fell for.

Never thought Jeb Bush had a chance. His championing Common Core was a loser. If you’ve ever talked to people involved in the fight against it, there is a passion there that grips them tight as a lion on a gazelle. Combine that with his immigration stance and he was inevitably headed for this last roundup. Can’t believe he suckered $100-$150 million from followers, though.

The Washington Examiner says “Let’s face it, all traditional signs point to Trump as the GOP nominee.” Every candidate who has won New Hampshire and South Carolina has gone on to win the nomination. That’s fact. Putting wife Melania and daughter Ivanka on the podium last night was a good idea. I listened carefully to what a surprised Ivanka said. She was composed and quickly hit all the points the campaign wanted to get across. It’s not surprising that she is his main consigliere.

Can Rubio nab a win? Looks doubtful in Florida. That says a lot about the state of the race. Perhaps a lot of voters did not seen Breitbart’s story on ICE agents and Rubio. They said he worked against them when they went to testify in DC. Look for that to be brought up with a vengeance by Trump and Cruz.

If there’s another takeaway from this election, it’s that the media doesn’t get the electorate just like the clueless politicians. Rush, Glenn Beck and Mark Levin have clearly been in the Cruz camp. Beck has lost his mind – and many subscribers – by deifying Cruz. When he talked about Scalia’s death as being a sign from God that Cruz must win, it was crazytown and what could be called a sin of presumption. Neither he nor any of us knows God’s plan. Today he’s asking everyone to fast tomorrow to get a victory for Cruz in Nevada.

Clearly, Rush and Levin prefer Cruz and Rush’s brother, David, has out and out been 100% for Cruz. Fox News has had an anti Trump bias and Rupert Murdoch’s Wall St. Journal has slammed him, too. They are obviously pushing Rubio. Maybe all these guys should take a step back and realize it’s not their job to promote someone. Usually Rush is more deliberate than this. The conservative/Republican viewers/listeners can find other outlets quite easily. Sean Hannity has been one who has tried to give each one a fair platform. He’s one of the few who has.

DW Ulsterman, writer and poster on facebook, has yet another takeaway: First, he writes:

Tonight’s results certainly put in question that one odd WSJ outlier poll that had Cruz leading Donald Trump in SC (and a related one that showed him leading nationally as well) that the media discussed in a 24/7 loop.
It would appear some shenanigans were underway but that Trump not only withstood them, but pummeled them into election oblivion.
Someone also pointed out it gave Cruz supporters false hope, and then the big crash letdown which will likely hurt him some going forward as well.

An attempt to weaken both Cruz and Trump to make way for…(Rubio)…

I saw one of the talking heads on CNN tonight and she made a fantastic point. The results of New Hampshire and South Carolina is the repudiation of not just the Obama years, but a repudiation of almost everything that has taken place politically in this country since Reagan left office and handed the Reagan Revolution over to George HW Bush who quickly ended that revolution and pushed DC back into “business as usual” mode which has persisted and worsened since then with but temporary victories here and there such as the Gingrich-controlled Congress. Overall though, the trajectory has been anti-Reagan on almost every level from nation-building (and the trillions it costs) to vast expansion of government (Obamacare, Bush era medicaid expansion) to regulations, taxes, etc. Even people who weren’t around or old enough to recall Reagan have a sense of his impact, an aura that they yearn for. I’m not saying Trump is that answer, but I am saying his popularity is a reflection of that desire to get something back more and more of us understand has been lost.


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