It’s the Bias, Stupid

If you’ve listened to Fox News or talk radio during the election season (which is now a two year affair) you may have picked up on the tremendous bias pushed on the audience.

Used to be the alphabet networks did this, along with the New York Times and Washington Post. Now everybody from Glenn Beck to National Review to the Wall St. Journal have foisted their opinions on us.

It’s not that Americans can’t take bad news about their favorite candidates; it’s just been speculation and lies.

Lynn Vogel of the blog Constitutional Patriots points out:

“If the Trump run is teaching us anything it is that the spin doctors of the conservative right are every bit as manipulative and agenda driven as those on the left. They are absolutely freaking out because they’ve done all they can to stop their party front runner and he just keeps clobbering their hand-picked cronies. This is the first lesson: A GOP win or defeating Democrats is not their main objective, winning with a crony they can influence comes first before all else.

“It is amusing that after years of hearing talk radio giants and jerks like Karl Rove complain about party infighting and eating their own, we get to watch them try to eat the strongest front runner their party has had since 1984. RINOs and Righties united in contradiction! They still despise each other but they despise Trump even more, he won’t do what they tell him. He says things they say he can’t say, he stands for things they say are suicidal then he clobbers their puppets at the polls. They say Trump has no details or specifics then they argue against the details and specifics of his positions. These old hucksters just don’t know what to do about Trump and watching them run out of tricks is fun because they’re starting to go nuts.

Brietbart reports Glenn Beck has ordered his family to fast all day Monday so support for Cruz grows. I guess in his weird little poli-vangical realm that makes sense but normal people know it is crazy. Like saying, “Hey God! You hear me? If you don’t make more Cruz voters I’ll starve myself and everybody in my house!” Well, Glenn can and probably should starve himself but one day isn’t going to do it. The guy is going full-goose bozo. Did you know Beck has been traveling and campaigning with Cruz since before the Iowa caucus? How is that for being in bed with a candidate? No Democrat is ever that bad. This is unprecedented bias in media.

“Levin, Rush and Beck practically created Cruz and the years of free publicity, softball interviews and campaign grooming are starting to look like a waste because Cruz can’t topple Trump. The guy they hate is pounding their carefully prepared choice even though they all united to bring down Trump right from the start. We all know these hosts are condescending egomaniacs and they hate Trump for foiling their efforts to manipulate our 2016 choice. They are starting to hate us for refusing to do as they command. So be it. Their hatred of Trump is so complete they are cautiously keeping the door open for Rubio just in case the Cruz meltdown continues, which it will. For years they have blasted Rubio as a RINO establishment guy but they’ll take him and love him when Cruz is finished. Any port in a storm, ya know.

“The right wing conservative carnival barkers aren’t working alone in the War on Citizen Choice, they are teamed with the RINO wing GOP and the socialist media because all have the Stop Trump goal. Again we see politics making strange bedfellows. This time is extreme because of the strength Trump is gathering in spite of them. After all the years of left and right media and the pundit factions all fighting each other we now see them united. They are now the Conservative-Liberal Coalition to Protect Establishment Party Chokeholds. We aren’t supposed to think of the right wing as establishment but who is falling for that? The right wing establishment is the same GOP as the RINOs. They just blame each other for GOP failures but both feed at the same troughs and split on the same party lines. The right wing has been in place in the GOP for decades, backing any GOP candidate when the chips are down and if that party-first, America-second loyalty isn’t establishment, then tell us what is.

“Who ever thought they’d see the day when the right wing joined the socialist lefties using the same rhetoric and dirty tactics to stop a GOP front runner? That day is here. Right wing talk radio giants and left wing pundits are outraged that the American voters are making up their own minds about who to support. Who do we think we are, thinking for ourselves to find solutions? All of their advice for the past 35 years has failed, but it is killing their egos to discover they can’t stop us from ignoring them and doing as we please. Maybe this explains why their ratings are falling, they got too full of themselves and smart listeners began shutting them off.

“The whole situation is a great reminder of what American principles and a constitutional nation are all about. We do as we please and select the leaders we want, not those we are ordered to support. We’ve tired of their advice creating disasters so we went our own way, because THAT IS OUR RIGHT! Don’t tell us we cannot, we have the numbers and they can lead, follow or get out of our way. Defiance was the first American trait, isn’t it fun to see it used against GOP frauds who pretend to be Patriots but resent us for using our freedom of choice? What kind of Patriot from a party or syndicated talk show would tell us we can’t back a candidate from among We the People? They are practically jumping out of their skins because we won’t go with a professional politician crony when they tell us to…

“Our Founders told us to reject professional politicians; we are doing that while talk radio giants and TV liberals unite to tell us we cannot. Our Founders told us to elect our best and brightest with proven successes in our private realm, we are trying, but the liberal TV and GOP radio giants are united in fighting us. American voters are doing exactly what we are supposed to do and the candidate mopping up the competition is putting up his own money to save his business empire and nation for the family he cherishes, just as our Founders said we should do. Now the gloves are off, battle lines drawn and all have been forced to take sides. The GOP insiders, their right wing establishment officials, their establishment talk radio giants and the liberal/socialist TV media have united against our basic founding principles, patriotic duty and constitutional rights. This is more than a campaign season; it is American citizens fighting to restore our right to control government by controlling who runs it. We should have done it long ago but what matters now is staying at it, making this a first step of many.

“Other steps are obvious, especially now that we see media giants we once trusted now turning against our patriotic principles. We need to replace them, too. Anyone whose success leads them to use their power for selfish purposes has no right to remain in a position of influence. We have some great media people in smaller markets, they deserve the chance to fill the void of truth and patriotism abandoned by the mega-star giants who have run their course and become a huge part of our national problem. Freedom of the press was protected so the press could help us be vigilant against corrupt parties, not so they could get in bed with them, forge their own professional candidates then peddle them to us with horribly biased reporting. The worst kind of fraud is those who fake patriotism for personal wealth and private agendas. They can take the millions of dollars they already made off us and just go away. We know where their loyalties lie and it isn’t with us.

“They should all meet at Glenn Beck’s house and fast until after November. I have $10 that says they’d start eating each other within a week; they’ve been eating their own for decades.”

Couldn’t have said it any better.

Fortunately, there are many other good blog sites and TV stations to visit.

I have found on DirecTv that both the BBC and France have channels that give a much broader view of everything than our foolish networks. Did you know, for instance, that in India a change in the caste system has caused 10 million people to go without water? BBC reported last night that a low caste in India wants their caste to be even lower so they can collect money. In Delhi, they cut off water to the city to terrorize the government into granting this.

You would think an incident involving 10 million people might divert a few minutes of air time from the network. It’s certainly bigger than the Michigan fiasco. But no. We have to know about silly political infighting.

One America News is another network people like.

There are also bloggers like,, Lifezette,, and that give a more complete and thoughtful picture of our politics here.

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