Primarily Crazy

More proof that this election season is the craziest ever.

Yesterday Mitt Romney comes out and suggests there is a “bombshell” in Trump’s taxes. What a lousy thing to do. He is doing to Trump what Harry Reid did to him – imply, not declare something so that it sours, festers and harms the leading Republican candidate. Why would an honorable person do this? It smacks of jealousy. Romney could have been president, but he hid behind his wealth and never tapped into the very real anger Americans felt at Obamacare and Obama. He was too prissy to go there. Not too prissy, however, to turn his guns on his fellow GOP candidates during the primaries. We’re too good at killing our own.

Yesterday on facebook I saw that a fellow Shelby GOP person I used to respect decided that if he’s a delegate, he would not cast his vote for Donald Trump at all. In other words, if Tennesseans decide that’s the candidate they want in Tuesday’s primary, he will not express their will at the convention. Other friends and supporters of candidate X agreed with him!
Just because I don’t like Obama, nor voted for him, do I abandon my country. It means I have to respect the majority vote in 2008 and 2012 and ready for a replacement. Actions like that are beyond disrespectful.

Last night on Special Report, the panel consisted of A.B. Stoddard, Charles Krauthammer and George Will. Although I haven’t watched that show for weeks, I tuned in for a little after the Nevada caucus assessment. It was pretty gloomy on there. All three suggested they were appalled by the Trump victory and suggested they wouldn’t vote for Trump if he is the GOP candidate.

I suppose they thought this would make Marco Rubio look good, because they were pointing towards him. He has recently gotten more political endorsements like theirs. Unfortunately. In today’s climate, people are so fed up that a recommendation from GOP elites is a political death sentence. The more earnestly the old guard flocks to its fellow establishment types, the more people will leave him in droves.That much desired endorsement of losers Bob Dole and Mitt Romney is supposed to help? You’ve got to be kidding.

Ditto for Ted Cruz. He’s had Glenn Beck following him like a puppy on the campaign trail. Run, Ted, run. Beck is hurting you. He’s got the full crazies now. It’s unseemly to have a “media” person stump for you. Beck may never recover either. He’s alienated too many people. That’s got to hurt when you’re a subscription service.

Done with debates, too. They have proved only to be scalp collecting for moderators. I give you Megyn Kelly, for example. She tried getting Trump’s scalp and when he wasn’t at her forum last night she went after Kasich:

Who’s the forum for anyhow, Megyn or the viewers? Maybe she should let him talk.

Then I see someone warning me against prayer for Trump to win. The person said Trump supports planned parenthood so that means he’s on the evil side. Believe that if you will, but Trump has denied he would fund abortions for PP. There are many “righteous” Republicans in Congress who haven’t risen to the occasion of defunding them. I believe two are running for president.

This is one primary season I will be glad to see resolved.

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