Coin Operated Politician

I ran across that phrase somewhere on the internet (perhaps Donsurber.blogspot?) and thought it was genius.

It expresses in so many ways what is wrong with American politics.

It should be used by the Trump campaign to describe his opponents on all sides of the aisle.

We used to think this happened more on the Democrat side. Yes, a few corrupt ones popped up among Republicans, but far less than the D’s. If you look at the current campaign, though, you’ll see how many of them have been exposed.

Ted Cruz gets money from Wall Streeters like his wife’s employer, Goldman Sachs. Since he’s the main one left standing against Trump, he’s reaping Benjamins from the GOPe sites, too. Kasich takes George Soros money and Hillary doesn’t have to be explained. The Clinton Foundation might as well be Clinton Inc. Don’t delude yourself about Bernie Sanders, either. He’s been quick to the Hollywood trough, hasn’t he?

Then there is the prince in waiting – Paul Ryan. The disappointment most of us have with Paul Ryan is profound. He’s another one who buckled to corporate interests more and more as he ascended to power. I’m talking about Obamacare inaction, Chamber of Commerce and business influence on immigration, supporting the political one hand washes the other, letting Clinton go on Benghazi.

We can only hope his newly announced opponent can take him off the stage. As a hopeful sign, I read that Ryan’s district went for Trump.

Have you noticed also how politicians take their weakest point and spin it into platinum? For instance, Cruz has advertised himself as “TrusTed.” Who trusts him anymore? He did nothing in the Senate. He has employed all kinds of dirty tricks against his adversaries. He may not have even been faithful to his wife. There has been talk that his campaign manager knew about affairs before the campaign started, offered himself up as a psy ops person and perhaps planted the story to get it out there now and dismiss it. Stranger things have happened.

It wasn’t an accident that Cruz started off by planting that phrase in the public’s mind before much came out on him. He will cling to it like a life raft to the bitter end.

It’s something I’ve always noticed about the Democrats. Pro life advocacy got turned into “a woman’s right to choose” issue. Expensive Obamacare is marketed as the Affordable Care Act. And on and on and on. Slap a lie over the truth and the sheer audacity of it works as a cover.

Now we’re doing it, too.

I find it interesting to look at different campaign slogans. “TrusTed” shows a large ego, doesn’t it? Then we had Jeb! also self centered. “Marco Rubio A New America” was the Florida senator’s brand. Whereas Trump – supposed to be a yuuuge narcissist, has “Make America Great Again.”

The old question, Cui Bono, is still a good one to ask. It looks like Cruz, Kasich, Clinton and Sanders will have a lot of people making demands on them. If nothing else, this election has shown that they and the media have a lot of puppet masters.

Sad, isn’t it?

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