What’s With 172?

What does that number mean to the primary campaign?

It involves Paul Manafort, the newby at the Trump campaign.

From DC Whispers:

The word behind the word is that Paul Manafort is already earning his keep BIG TIME as he moves to deliver a stunning blow to the Cruz campaign a source describes as a potential “punch to the face” that involves the number 172.

Here is a brief summary of what will simply be called the “172 Plan” :

**Talks are ongoing and more numerous between Team Trump and a second party over the last 48-hours.

**If these talks lead to an agreement, it will be a game-changer in the 2016 Republican nomination process.

**Manafort is said to be personally leading the negotiations with Donald Trump’s full approval. In fact, it’s believed Manafort was the first to suggest this scenario last month but did so then more as an observer of the campaign. Now he is a top-ranking operative/adviser for Team Trump.

**This ongoing negotiation has sent the Cruz campaign scrambling to block further negotiation from materializing and getting a considerable assist from powerful GOP forces.

Some suggest it has to do with Marco Rubio’s delegates. According to poll guru Nate Silver’s blog, fivethirtyeight, Rubio has 172 delegates.

Do you remember after Florida that the Cruz people expected that Rubio would announce his support for Ted Cruz? I have noticed that has not happened.

In addition, The Hill reports: “Marco Rubio is asking that his name be removed from the California presidential primary ballot, the Los Angeles Times reported Monday.

“Rubio, who suspended his campaign earlier this month, asked the California Secretary of State to take his name off the ballot ahead of the state’s June 7 primary…No other GOP candidates have requested their names be removed from the ballot, according to the Los Angeles Times.”

Remember, too, that after his drubbing Rubio expressed a desire to work in the NFL. He had already said he would not run again for his Senate seat. Interestingly, his wife was a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins.

Could Trump help him out and capture Rubio’s delegates? Don’t know, but it’s intriguing.

Others have said that 172 is the number of delegates to get in California. While some suggest that there are 172 delegates available on April 26 when Connecticut (28 P), Delaware (16 WTA), Maryland (38 WTA), Pennsylvania (71 P,WTA), and Rhode Island (19 P) vote. P=proportional. WTA = Winner Take All.

Whatever it is, Manafort has the reputation of being an expert on convention delegates. Here’s how he handled an interview by Chris Cuomo:

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