Video Debunks National Review

Increasingly it appears there are two worlds. The world of made up reality that is inside some peoples’ heads and the world of reality made up of facts and figures.

The National Review is living in its own world. It’s a world where the elite rule and decide what’s best for the rest of us because we are too stupid to know what they know. They – and many other pundits – roost in Washington DC or New York, never get out into the rest of the country and base their opinions on what they want reality to be. They don’t want this to be a country run by anti globalist, nationalist politically incorrect religious people who don’t subscribe to their vision.

The anti Trump issue of the National Review showed what they really think. Since then they and others continue to bash Trump and push other candidates.
According to Conservative Treehouse, someone has challenged them.

Michigander Charlie LeDuff has produced an amazingly good boots-on-the-ground video which shows how insufferably connected the chattering class of Vichy Republicans have become.

LeDuff showcases the disconnect by highlighting a series of articles in National Review, and then actually going to the locales belittled by the NRO staff and talking to the ordinary, hard-working middle class people who live within them.

Driving to New York – LeDuff actually interviews the people that NRO is figuratively writing about, the resulting contrast speaks volumes:

“Shocked by their support of Donald Trump, some elitist conservative thinkers are calling places like Garbutt, NY pockets of misery, welfare fraud and dope addiction. They say let these towns die. Turns out Garbutt is not like that at all”.

LeDuff masterfully tells a real life short story and simultaneously contrasts the pontificating arrogance of the Charles Cooke, Kevin Williamson, Rich Lowry and Johan Goldberg types at National Review. The resulting work is brilliant:

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