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Colorado gave Ted Cruz all its delegates without a primary. That means no Coloradans except for the RNC appointed few got to cast a vote for their preference.

Talk about a stench! When questioned by an angry Trump voter, the head of the Colorado GOP even said “Thank you for your note. Go ahead and burn the party down if that is what it takes to put this country on the right track then I am open to anything.”

And Rush Limbaugh said it wasn’t cheating, it was “winning.”


Read what a Colorado delegate said about the process:

I was one of the Republican delegates in Colorado for my County and Congressional District Assemblies and an Alternate for the State Assembly. I am also a precinct committee chair person for my precinct. The reason we had no straw poll for the presidential candidate was so that delegates for the national convention wouldn’t be bound to a particular candidate – so that they wouldn’t be forced to vote for an empty chair, should someone’s presidential candidacy go south before the national convention. At face value, this could have been a great way to keep the process fair and open for everyone. But, there’s a little note in the rules which say if a delegate chooses to be bound, then they are required to vote for that candidate.

So, i was really alarmed when I started receiving almost daily phone calls, emails and texts from the Cruz people urging me to vote the straight Cruz slate, as “my fellow delegates were doing – voting for the only conservative and principled candidate.” I was urged not to “waste my time or my vote.” I also received phone calls, texts and emails urging me to vote only for those delegate nominees for the national convention, who were on the Cruz slate, and were officially APPROVED by Cruz. Those nominees include a candidate running for state office, and a county commissioner. Oh, and the whole push for the entire Cruz slate was headed up by a US congressman.

The weeks leading up to the Congressional Assembly and State Assembly were very upsetting. The whole thing felt like a setup by party insiders. Completely rigged. It’s one thing to stump for a candidate, but it’s quite another thing to steal the delegates and bind them so that they vote all for one candidate, no matter what. And it’s VERY concerning to me that we had an elected official and a candidate for office who were on the official Cruz slate, expecting to become national delegates! Delegate are supposed to be voting on behalf of the people. But none of the Republican voters here in Colorado had any say! And you can’t tell me that every Republican in Colorado is for Cruz. This whole thing is a sham!

The last straw for me was when Cruz showed up at the State Assembly this last Saturday and outright LIED to 5,000 of us by saying that all the delegates had voted for him. He repeated that when interviewed by a local newsearch reporter after he left the stage – that interview was on the news that evening. The point that NO one is reporting is that he made that declaration BEFORE the vote for national delegates was even taken!! Several people around me were commenting about his declaration, too. I can tell you for REAL that not all the nominees from my Congressional Assembly were for him. This guy is as shady and under-handed as they come. It is beyond disgusting.

Thegatewaypundit added:

I would argue that the delegates are exercising the “proxy” votes of the people who voted. The votes do not belong to the candidates themselves, or the delegates, but to the voters who voted for their chosen candidate, in this case, Mr Trump.

Mr Cruz is stealing from the very people he would want to vote for him in the general election, should he win the Republican candidacy!

Hundreds of thousands of sincere committed people went to the polls in good faith, often in lousy weather, standing in queues for hours at great inconvenience, expecting eventually that delegates would vote representing them, at the Republican National Convention in July, as they themselves would. The delegates are not there for themselves.

It’s voter nullification and the worst example I have ever seen.

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