Candidate Threatened

David Maldonado, a candidate for the 8th congressional district who came to our Midtown Republican Club meeting, emails that he is being told by the state party that he may be removed from the candidates. He writes: “According to TRP Bylaws I need to be ‘vouched for’: Any individual who is vouched for in writing to the satisfaction of the State Chairman as a bona fide Republican, such as by an officer of the TRP, a member of the State Executive Committee, County Executive Committee of the County where the individual resides, or a Republican Election Official. The State Chairman may require additional verification that the individual in question is indeed a bona fide Republican, and shall have final authority to make the determination.” He was told yesterday at 4 p.m. that he has until noon today to be “vouched for” or he will be removed. Maldonado adds, “Please consider sending an email to TNGOP Chairman Ryan Haynes at:” Is the party trying to drive people away?

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