Constitutionalist or CorrupTed?

Ted Cruz declares himself an expert on the Constitution and the candidate most likely to respect what it says.

Yet he continues to do things that undermine the citizens’ right to vote. Last night he got delegates from Wyoming as he did in Colorado – without the average citizen being able to cast a vote for him or anyone else!

Now I understand that the rules of political parties are not the same as rules for the U.S. But – and it’s a big one – if you’re planning to run a country based on freedom and Americans’ right to liberty and free expression through the vote, why would you want any other method than people in each state casting a ballot for a candidate?

Isn’t that aligning yourself with dictators like Castro and Putin? Aren’t you a hypocrite to criticize them and then do it yourself?

Neither do I think it’s the right thing to do to bribe delegates with goodies in exchange for their vote on the second ballot. If you’re holding yourself up, as Cruz is, as the morally upright candidate, that is wrong. It may be legal in terms of party rules, but it’s still wrong.

We already have a Constitution scholar in the White House. If that’s what one is, we don’t need another self professed expert either.

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