The Will of the People Couldn’t Be Clearer

Trump’s victory last night in New York should stop the GOPe in their tracks. Trump won big. He got a bigger percentage than Hillary. He will compete well with her, even in New York. If next week has the victories for him the polls promise, he will do well as a presidential candidate against her there, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Maryland.

He did better than Cruz did in Texas. In Texas Cruz got 44% of the vote. In New York, Trump got 60.5%. Actually, Cruz’s home state victory was one of the least percentages for a home candidate in that state. It’s a fact he doesn’t promote.

Then, record numbers of Republicans voted in New York. According to The Journal News,

About 850,000 Republicans cast a ballot Tuesday, with about 311 election districts still to be counted, according to the state Board of Elections’ unofficial results. That’s more than four times as many Republicans that voted in the 2012 primary, when Mitt Romney already had the race locked up.

About 670,000 GOPers voted in New York’s 2008 primary, while roughly 720,000 voted in 2000.

About 1.8 million Democrats voted Tuesday, according to the BOE. That’s about in line with the 1.9 million who voted in 2008, when Clinton topped now-President Barack Obama in New York. (The state has twice as many enrolled Democrats as Republicans.)

Overall, about 32 percent of eligible voters turned out Tuesday.

Interesting as well, 70% of voters in exit polls said the Republican with the most delegates should win the nomination. This means that all the conniving going on behind the voters’ backs does not sit well with them.

Why should it? Rules should not just apply to those you want to screw over, but to everyone.

Mathematically neither Cruz nor Kasich has a realistic path now to the 1,237 delegates. Cruz would have to win 700 of the remaining 731 he needs to get the nomination. Ain’t gonna happen. He and Kasich should acknowledge reality.

Time for the RNC to recognize what they have – a winner – and stop working against him.

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