The Insanity of the GOPe

You wonder how the RNC can even conceive of thwarting the will of the people who vote.

What is the point of a primary? What is the point of democracy? What kind of implosion will the GOPe do to the Republican Party?

From the Last Refuge, aka The Conservative Treehouse blog:

Despite the loud voices who do not support Trump, over 2.4 million more voters have supported Donald Trump than Senator Cruz. Meanwhile the media and opposition have thrown the kitchen sink at him, he remains standing – because his supporters remain standing.

32 private jets belonging to dozens of millionaires and billionaires flew into Sea Island Georgia to meet with top RNC officials and GOPe leadership to strategize how to eliminate Donald Trump. They spent hundreds of millions attacking him. Trump remains standing – because voters remain standing.

Every professional political entity behind Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and the DC republican establishment coalesced with Ted Cruz to defeat Donald Trump. Billionaires have spent more attacking Trump in the past three months than they spent countering President Obama in the prior seven years. Their efforts continue today. Trump remains standing – because the voters behind him remain standing.

The Trump voters, as frustrating as it might be for the non-Trump voters to admit, are the majority coalition.

Now that Ted Cruz has been mathematically eliminated from winning the nomination by votes from the electorate – the only possible way for him to win is via delegate manipulation at a contested convention.

If they accomplish this goal; if by some chance they can keep Trump from 1,237 delegates, Senator Cruz will still enter the convention 400, 500, or even 600 delegates behind Donald Trump; and also behind by around 4 million votes – actual people.

The manipulation might be within the convention rules, but is Ted Cruz really willing to win by running against the will of the people just because it’s possible?

The autonomic response from the current Cruz Coalition is something about the history of this convention process in 1860, or even 1976. However, something is different about this moment in time – it’s called the internet.

Unlike any other possible contested convention this time it will be visible. Footage will fill immediate You Tube videos from hundreds of people with phones and cameras all showing the schemes and deals within moments of its occurrence. Do you really think a viable and undamaged candidate can emerge from such sunlight with viability intact?

Can you even fathom the level of voter disenfranchisement that will be visibly broadcast to every person within reach of their phone, computer or TV screen?

Think about it for a little while.

Then Pat Buchanan had his say:

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