Foreign Policy Speech Scores

I listened to Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech this morning.

He delivered it well and it’s content was solid. If you’ve been listening to him on the campaign trail, you’ve heard a lot of it before. He criticizes the feckless, directionless policies of Obama and Clinton. He restated his opposition to the Iraq war and he bemoaned the way Obama has pushed away our allies and aided adversaries like Iran. Trump said his lodestar is what’s good for America above everything else.

One thing in particular that stood out was his call to “reinvigorate Western values.” Specifically, “Finally, I will work with our allies to reinvigorate Western values and institutions. Instead of trying to spread universal values that not everyone shares, we should understand that strengthening and promoting Western civilization and its accomplishments will do more to inspire positive reforms around the world than military interventions.”

This is not something he’s mentioned before and it is sure to have liberals fainting and clutching their pearls. It is something we have needed. The

President Obama has congealed every culture into a whole. It isn’t that way and it never will be. Western values – entwined with Christianity – have been what makes civilization advance. Western thought has brought great things like democracy, tolerance and inventions.

Notice he repudiated nation building. We’re not going to be crusaders taking our way of life to conquered countries. His vision is that our example would be the way to spread values – not forcefully. It doesn’t mean we disrespect other cultures such as the Chinese, Asian and Muslim. It means that we will strengthen our belief in our own.

I’d like to see this reflected in education. Learn about other values, but not at the expense of our own.

This alone would be a big step in making our country great again.

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