Cruz Dives in Indiana

Some interesting information in this report found at The Last Refuge aka The Conservative Treehouse:

From the outset, and particularly since the ridiculous “Never Trump” campaign began, we have outlined the most damaging aspect to Senator Ted Cruz’s presidential bid is his continued visibility. The reasoning is simple: the more people see and hear Cruz, the more the average electorate are turned off by Cruz. He’s just not a likeable man.

A CNN article today points out the internal polling within Indiana is following this consistent pattern:

[…] Cruz allies and people close to the campaign describe a budding sense of gloom, with internal polls diving as Trump mounted even stronger than expected showings in his native northeast. In Indiana, which Cruz backers once believed they were favored to win after his strong defeat of Trump in Wisconsin, Cruz’s numbers have fallen precipitously: Once leading, Cruz now trails in the state by eight to 10 points, according to a person who has seen the numbers, with Trump over the 40% mark. Cruz’s campaign did not respond when asked about those figures.

Indiana is the absolute last chance for Senator Ted Cruz and the entire coalition behind the #NeverTrump movement. Like Florida in March, tens of millions are now being spent to psychologically target the larger electorate in Indiana with a constant barrage of negative attack ads.

Cruz Campaign Can’t Fill A Rally: An NBC news truck was parked outside of the center. There were also five marked police cars as well as a couple of fire department vehicles. There were some cars being used to block off a sidewalk on the side of the building, but other than that nothing else stood out about the convention center from the outside.

Inside the center, about a 1,000 supporters came to see Cruz. Many people thought the turnout was underwhelming.

“I was surprised how few people there were,” Joseph Romary said. Valerie Reynolds said she was surprised half the room was empty. It holds about 2,250 people. “I mean it’s a big room,” she said.

The Anti-Trump Super-PAC’s are “all in”, and together with the entire construct of the professional consultant class, they are desperately searching for something, anything, that will allow them to retain some grip on the billion dollar campaign finance market.

The Cruz campaign is throwing everything, including Carly Fiorina’s kitchen sink, at Trump in their last ditch effort to save the strategy of a contested convention. If you have followed the GOPe for any length of time you already know the severity of anger, and the disposition of vitriol, that exists within the Professional Republican Political class.

There is never a more dangerous moment for a rescue swimmer than the moment they reach out to a drowning and desperate man. The remaining five days leading up to the Indiana vote will be filled with wild accusations and mudslinging in the GOPe’s last desperate efforts to save their financial livelihoods.

If Donald Trump wins in Indiana, or more aptly put – if Ted Cruz doesn’t win in Indiana, the entire anti-Trump effort will suffer a mortal and unrecoverable defeat.

The level of visible hatred exhibited by a screaming Mark Levin will climax over the next five days as last-gasp desperation sinks in. The gaslighting by Rush Limbaugh will be on maximum overdrive. The angered voices of the desperate anti-Trump media who echo-chambered their way too far out in their #NeverTrump efforts will increase exponentially.

All of those angered voices are only a few days away from seeing themselves cast into the pit of irrelevance; at this point, with the last vestiges of their careers seemingly hanging by a thread, they have nothing to lose from trying to drag everyone into the flames along with them.

The predictable: Anger – Pride – Ego – Envy, etc. will all be on display as apoplectic political opponents lash out in every direction. Everyone would be wise to steer clear of the thermonuclear blasts they are willing to unleash as they ultimately exhaust themselves.

It is better to stay clear of the blast radius from the ‘splodey heads: Mark Levin, Rich Lowry, George Will, Jonah Goldberg, Glenn Beck, Megyn Kelly, Dana Loesch, Brent Bozell and Katie Pavlich.

Good advice. Don’t forget. These people are pushing an agenda for their own self aggrandisement. They are not interested in the truth, but they want you to believe they are. Take that away and they are powerless. The truth will come out on Tuesday, no matter what they spew.

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