City Council Planning Greensward Coup

This warning came from the Nextdoor Neighbors:

The City Council again plans to butt in on the Greensward parking dispute by introducing an ordinance tomorrow, which not only gives the Memphis Zoo permission to place buildings on the Greensward, but seeks to effectively cancel the contract between the Overton Park Conservancy and the city, which they have no right to do. Please come to the City Council meeting Tuesday at 3:30 downtown at City hall to speak against this complete abuse of power.

Once again the Council seeks to go behind the voters’ backs and do something they don’t want.

The recent agreement on new parking places at the zoo just seemed like a sleight of hand trick to me. That’s how it’s done – look at this pretty shiny thing over here while I take what I want from you.

It’s about time this kind of politics ended.

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