Color Kelly Green

Last night Fox News host Megyn Kelly made her debut on big Fox with her interview show.

It was much anticipated. She had been spotted last month in Trump Towers, Mata Hari style, quietly going up to Trump’s office to request an interview to launch this special show she wants to do. Kelly, it turns out, isn’t happy with disseminating her opinions on her nightly show or acting as debate inquisitor; she allegedly seeks to be the new Barbara Walters with a regular show like she had.

Why? We certainly don’t need another Bawbaw Wawaw. The time for that has certainly eclipsed. It’s not the same three network, internet free world it was in the 60s.

Maybe she envies Babs her lucrative empire. Maybe she wants to be more of a celebrity. Money and power are the answers to a lot of life’s questions.

Watching her special, I couldn’t help but feel that her performance didn’t show the skill of a professional interviewer. Kelly really got nothing noteworthy or quoteworthy out of Trump. And that’s saying something about an interview with a man who usually has something blunt to say. OK, so he will consider the past year a waste of time and money if he doesn’t win the presidency. Duh. So he punches back when attacked. Good. That was about all she got.

Kelly moved on to Robert Shapiro. Now that’s a guy who probably knows a lot of shocking information on the OJ Simpson trial. Well Kelly didn’t get much out of him either. She didn’t spend much time with him, just enough to plug his Legal Zoom internet business and get some bathos out of the death of his son. Yawn.

On to Michael Douglas. Why him? Has he done something new lately I’ve missed? Kelly mentioned his bout with cancer, but skirted his admission to oral sex with lots of women. Her feminism took a dive there. She mentioned his son’s time in the klink. Not exactly a role model parent, would you say? Hard to imagine what attack she’d take on that had it been Trump.

A lot “Megyn Kelly Presents” was about Megyn Kelly. She worked the scuffle with Trump into the interview, making sure the audience knew it was all about HER. Do we really care about that anymore?

Kelly the novice’s true colors came out last night. And it wasn’t just the color of inexperience, but of envy and money, too.

The audience must have caught on because her ratings were not that good – a disappointing 5 million people tuned in. I doubt she could get that number again. It was heavily promoted, too.

She did a lot of damage to herself at the debates and a lot of us will never forget.

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