Smart Meter Issue Amps Up

A month ago I got a postcard in the mail from MLGW. It told me that “my home would soon receive new utility meters…no earlier than 30 days following the postmark of this letter.” They gave a phone number and extension to call if I “wish to consider declining the meter installation.”

I immediately called, although the extension they gave was not correct. I spoke with someone who told me I’d receive a letter that I should sign if I wanted to opt out of the smart meters.

It came, I declined and sent it back. A little after that I received another letter for smart meters if I had changed my mind about them. I hadn’t.

As far as I was concerned, case closed. Twice.

But it wasn’t.

Yesterday after lunch the doorbell rang. A man from MLGW was standing on my porch. He wanted to know if I had any questions he could answer about smart meters. He asked me if I wanted to have one. Again, I said no, and that I didn’t have any questions concerning them.

He then proceeded to give me a small box for talking with him. Kind of a token of their esteem? I don’t think so. He told me there were two energy saving bulbs inside, plus two water faucet aerators. I guess this is the kind of energy conservation Obama touted when he advised us to save money on gas by properly inflating our tires. You know, the kind of information that makes greenies feel all warm inside.

The bulbs were 18 watt CFLs made in China. They are supposed to last 12,000 hours. Sure, you know how high quality Chinese merchandise is.

He didn’t mention, either, that should I drop one – as I am prone to drop things – I would have to call in a Hazmat team and leave the premises for a good amount of time while they clean up the toxic mess. And probably present me with a not so energy saving bill for the clean up.

All that aside, doesn’t MLGW have better things to do with our money than to send employees out to bother people who have already declined several times? Don’t they have better things to do with our money than to give out freebies we don’t want? Does someone benefit from their purchase of these bulbs and aerators?

Coming to my home made me uncomfortable. It had a bad feeling to it like intimidation. Will he come again? Did he make note of my non compliance to use against us in future power outages or problems? Maybe it sounds paranoid, but who trusts anything any more?

Don’t try to get the CA to cover any of this or the TV news either. The media is totally on their side. They have refused to cover smart meters, except to make opponents look like redneck Luddites. Local government? The City Council whipped the proposal for them through at the end of last year like the speed of light. Strickland? He likes them, too.

State government leaders haven’t done anything to protect our rights either. So what else is new?

Stay tuned. I have the feeling I haven’t seen the end of the smart meter offensive yet.

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