# Never Corker

Many of us Tennessee Republicans are horrified to think that Senator Bob Corker could be in contention for Donald Trump’s vice president spot.

We know Corker for his maneuvering that brought about the bad Iran deal and his squishiness on immigration. He’s so establishment he doesn’t get the whole movement that is taking place now. What gives?

Not so fast on the Corker gig.

For one, when has the media ever been right on choices? They delight in causing conservatives angst, too. Being liberals they want to cause a civil war in our party, especially now to offset the real one that’s occurring in the Democrat party. They’d love for us to get upset about Corker and undermine Trump’s popularity.

Then, too, why would Donald Trump telegraph his choice? The man loves to toy with the media and that’s one of the things we like about him. I can’t imagine he or his people would leak any such info. They are way too savvy for that.

And Corker offers Trump very little. Trump will win Tennessee. He doesn’t need Corker for that. There are others knowledgeable about foreign affairs. God knows there are more attractive candidates, too. I can’t imagine Trump working with that high nasal voice of Corker’s for eight years. That could drive him to his first drink.

No, there’s a better explanation. Conservative Treehouse hits the mark, I think:

Much is being made of this meeting between Senator Bob Corker and Donald Trump. Some have speculated this is a potential meeting because Corker is a possible vice-presidential candidate…. Absolutely WRONG.

Corker is meeting with Donald Trump as an “ambassador from the Wall Street legislative architects”.

Refer to all of those prior discussion and research posts about Wall Street not understanding who Donald Trump is, and what his intentions are toward their legislative endeavors. They do not understand what he means by “America First”; they are actively trying to figure it out. Please also reference the prior discussions on economic shifts over the past three decades and the “hidden economy”. All these factors are converging.

Senator Bob Corker is one of the Corinthian Chair holders along with McConnell, Hatch, Cornyn, Cochran, et al. In this meeting Corker was acting as an ambassador of sorts, an intermediary, from the Wall Street legislation team. Corker is researching, probing, trying to determine “the play” and potential risk.

That is specifically and intentionally why Donald Trump agreed to the meeting, but only on his home turf. This is political chess amid power-brokers and financial interests. Trump is intensely in-tune to EVERYTHING you too are aware of – and he is on our side.

Donald Trump knows the “Decepticons“, and their agenda.

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