Doozy of a Presser

Trump just had a press conference at Trump Towers about the money he raised for veterans.
The media got a big, bad spanking.
It was a beautiful thing to watch.
He called one reporter a sleazebag, told another that he was “a beaut” and said the “press should be ashamed of themselves.” That he had “never had so much bad publicity for doing a good job.”

Trump stood with several vets behind him. He listed out all the groups that got the money and how much each got. He explained that this took some time because the groups had to be vetted before he released money to them. Trump said they got 100% of the money – that none was taken out for administrative costs. A little under $6 million was raised, but he figures more will come in, amounting to $6 million. Trump added that Hillary Clinton has not given vets a dime.

That didn’t in any way dissuade the press from asking accusatory and ridiculous questions.

For example, one asked why he had such a public, big fundraiser for the vets. Trump rightly asked how else he would raise the money? Duh. Carl Cameron of Fox was a smirking smart ass. He tried to whitewash the way the media asks questions of Trump by saying they are just reflecting questions the opposition has. Er, they are still talking for the opposition.

It got so repugnant that one of the vets onstage from New Hampshire, took the mike and explained that he would not have backed Trump had he not been sincere in his concern for the vets. He repeated that all the money is going to the vets, not to administrative purposes. He smacked them for not caring about the real issues vets face – suicide, the poor VA, helping them. “Get your head out of your butt and focus on the issues,” he told them.

Trump repeated that Bill Cristol “is a loser” for calling so many races wrong and his magazine failing.

Then the press turned to other issues including Trump University, the merits of shooting the gorilla at the Cincinnati zoo, Mitt Romney and unifying the party. He told one reporter he was “a sleazy guy.” When he asked why, Trump said “because you know the facts and you know them well.”

Trump also said that the political press “was among the most dishonest people he had ever met. The media,” he said, “are made up in many cases of people who are not good people.”

Trump managed to dispatch them one by one.

David Muir from ABC asked Trump if he becomes president, is this the kind of press conference they could expect?

Yes, he said. If they continue to write false stories, he will fight back.
We can only hope so.

Rush Limbaugh opened his show saying that it was the kind of press conference Republicans have been wanting for years.


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