Hillary’s Empty Speech

I listened to some of Hillary Clinton’s victory speech last night. Yes, it was nauseating.

I watched as she spat out trite phrases in rapid fire. Trite and empty phrases and no ideas evident anywhere.

I looked at the audience, most of them young people and minorities. They were lapping it up.

She accused Trump and the Republicans of all kinds of discrimination: racism, sexism, gender-ism, homophobia, anti immigrant, anti old people, anti middle class, anti Islam, blah, blah, blah.

OK. So assume she as a leader got rid of all forms of discrimination – which can never happen in an imperfect world – what would that really accomplish? Would it solve any problems?

Would it increase the number of jobs the economy ekes out? Would it increase our energy production? Would it take care of health concerns? Would it increase salaries? Would it end Al Qaeda’s/radical Islam’s attacks on us? Would it stop crime?
Would education improve? Would poverty end? Would other countries stop their unfavorable trade practices with us? Would China stop manipulating currency? Would people put down their guns and stop mass shootings and random murders?

Of course not.

These are not really issues. They are diversions from issues. They are escapes from actually solving anything. They are weapons to use against the Americans they really do want to discriminate against. They are tools for hate and power accumulation.

Not that it wouldn’t be good to end all varieties of discrimination. But it isn’t ever achievable. Other issues can be worked on and solutions found.

But there were her supporters, cheering on their own doom. Clapping and hooting at any negative thing she could say about the other candidate.

The Democrats have laid these diversions as traps and their constituents eagerly fall into them.

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