Romney Pals Gather to Undermine Us

Mitt Romney’s actions lately have made me regret casting a vote for him in 2012. I might as well have written in my dog’s name. Romney was a poor candidate who let the Democrats walk all over him. He had no fight and deepened the image many have of the GOP as elitist rich, white people who seek to enrich fellow white businessmen.

Whereas most loser candidates stay in the background when a new person takes the mantle of presidential candidate, Romney has decided not to be gracious. He has chosen the role of spoiler.

Thegatewaypundit has compiled a list of fellow spoilers who met this weekend in Utah for Romney’s annual “ideas festival.” It’s a very interesting list:

Attendees included a Who’s Who list of Trump bashers:

* Rep Paul Ryan
* Rep Trey Gowdy
* Rep Carlos Curbelo (FL)
* Sen Bob Corker
* Sen Tom Cotton
* Sen Ben Sasse
* WI Gov Scott Walker
* KY Gov Matt Bevin
* Former NH Gov, WH COS, John Sununu
* Sununu’s son Chris, running for NH Gov
* James Baker, former SOS
* Leon Panetta, former Obama Secretary of Defense
* Anna Navarro
* John Rakolta Jr – MI, natl finance co-chair for Romney
* Spencer Zwick – Romney confident & finance chair
* Stuart P Stevens – Romney strategist 2012
* Meg Whitman – Romney fundraiser, HP CEO
* Matt Waldrip – lead organizer, Romney finance
* NY financier Anthony Scaramucci – donor, now to Trump
* CA restaurant exec Andy Puzder – donor, now to Trump
* NY Jets owner Woody Johnson – donor, now to Trump
* Hedge funder Paul Singer – Rubio & stop Trump donor

GOP Chairman Reince Priebus attended, too, but didn’t play along. During the Utah Conference Reince tweeted this out to Mitt and his cabal of Trump haters.

Reince told the Romney donors Donald Trump will win in the fall “with or without you.”
The Washington Post reported, via pro-Hillary website The Right Scoop:

Then came Trump’s boosters, awkwardly imploring the roughly 300 business executives and GOP establishment donors and strategists gathered here for Romney’s annual ideas festival to unite for the fall campaign. In a stroke of defiance, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus declared that Trump and the GOP would win in November “with or without you,” according to attendees.

So went the three-day Romney-hosted E2 summit that concluded here Saturday in this luxurious mountaintop resort. The confab put on stark display the Republican Party’s moral and philosophical divisions over its new standard bearer and underscored the difficulty that Trump and allies such as Priebus will have to consolidate forces at the start of a general election in which Democrat Hillary Clinton is favored.

I hope they had plenty of Grey Poupon, Fiji water and accommodations for their chauffeurs.

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