Government as Weapon

The Conservative Treehouse blog is always thought provoking. This entry in particular correctly assesses what is going on in this country.

Unfortunately when the wider U.S. electorate voted the Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers to be the president of the United States they were, perhaps unwittingly, ushering in a new era of governmental weaponization, the fundamental change.

Legal issues, events and cases ceased to be determined by laws, and the politics of any given event became the overriding filter through which all action, or lack thereof, would be determined. The last seven years have provided numerous examples for points of reference.

The IRS investigation of conservative groups was driven by politics, not legality. The criminal charges against George Zimmerman were driven by politics, not evidence or legality. The investigation of Darren Wilson was driven by politics, not evidence or legality. The arrests of the Baltimore Six were driven by politics, not factual, substantial evidence.

These are just a few examples of manipulated common law principles that have been overridden by considerations of political benefits. Those political filters are also why the Orlando Jihadist massacre will not lend favor toward the arrest or prosecution of any related entity.

The politics of it all simply don’t benefit the Obama administration or the legal advisers within the administration who apply political filters to determine outcomes.

2016 is an election year.

Eight years of insufferable leftist, progressive, social justice and advancements from societal anarchy is at stake. Every individual, group, affiliate, entity and corporation who has aided and benefited from the advancement of the progressive-leftist movement will do everything within their power to ensure push-back is avoided.

People within various grievance institutions who benefit from discord and division are determined to permanently shift the fulcrum in their favor. Such a shift will stop the pendulum from swinging back against them, and protect their eight year gains.

There is no such thing as a “free and independent press” to call this out. The final vestiges of a free/independent press were ground up within the decisions of the organized Journ-o-list team. News media is now Corporate News Media, and corporate news media have an ideological agenda to retain if they are to receive invitations to the club gatherings. If puzzled, view any recent White House Correspondent’s dinner.

The Fourth Estate is dead.

So where does that leave the average person? Well, to start everyone needs to train themselves to see the manipulative endeavors ahead. Train yourself to see the self-interest behind every approach, every angle, and behind their attacks. Train yourself to see the propaganda as it is displayed because the propaganda will be heavier in the final six months of 2016 than ever before in the history of U.S. politics.

Fortunately, there are consistently visible signs the left is losing their argument. There are growing signs of desperation within the behaviors of those who need to retain a ruse in order to continue their usurpation and elimination of freedom. President Obama lashing out at Donald Trump yesterday was one such obvious sign.

The institutional systems of governance and corporations that have been provided steroid shots from the presidency of Barack Obama will work in synergy with each other to gaslight the electorate and convince the masses the alternate universe is actually real. A free and clear thinking electorate are their enemy.

In essence the united efforts of generational leftist Marxism will be to create self-fulfilling prophecies. Those in control of common constructs need to convince the U.S. electorate to vote against their own best interests. We will see and hear of various filters being applied to social media platforms – there will be one singular common benefactor; just look for it, and it will show itself.

Well put.

I thought about this after hearing Ben Ferguson discuss on his radio show the issue of removal of Nathan Bedford Forrest from the park on Union.

Ask yourself what difference this issue really makes. Does it require the time spent arguing about it in the city council or other governmental agencies? Is it worth the money it will cost? Does anyone really benefit from its removal?

Wouldn’t it be more important to tackle issues like crime, education and jobs rather than a statue few really know much about or care?

The answer is yes it would. But obsession with this issue deflects from every having to address the real problems. Liberalism doesn’t have any answers and, more importantly, doesn’t want any. Racism is a tool they use to cow constituents. It, of course, exists, but not to the degree they want us to believe or we wouldn’t have had a black mayor, black police chief or black head of the school system.

We’ll never solve our big problems until we stop the in fighting.

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