Are Brexit Voters Racist?

Of course not!
But that is what is being thrown at them. Of course. That’s always the comeback for someone, something the left doesn’t like. It’s easy, and until lately, it’s been effective.

Before you succumb to that viewpoint, read what a young Brexit voter explains. It’s lengthy, but worth it:

I voted out, I’m 27 and I live in London. I don’t own anything with a Union Jack on it, even though I grew up in a council house and have working class parents. I studied politics and economics for 5 years at Queen Mary and the LSE, so I’m not ‘uneducated’. I don’t hold the same views as these institutions, I don’t belong to any ‘isms’, nor do I identify with left or right: I don’t watch mainstream news, so I don’t feel the need to put myself in any of these boxes. I am not a nihilist either; I’m a freethinking individual who wants peace and harmony for all human beings on this planet.

I do not regret my vote: mass hazing and melodrama do not easily sway me. Over the past couple of days, people have presumed that, because of my age and the fact that I’m a Londoner, I voted IN. Shockingly, I have many times been encouraged to verbally abuse people I do not know based on their class – those ‘scummy little-England, xenophobic OUT voters’. At work, the day after the referendum, emails were sent presenting some very troubling attitudes towards fellow human beings that happen to disagree with the REMAIN perspective, with a link ‘encouraging us’ to sign a petition asking for a second referendum. I’m sure a fair few OUT voters in London are dreading work on Monday. Admitting you wanted out makes you feel as exposed and ashamed as coming out in the 1950s must have done.

It is ironic that the vocal bulk of London’s IN voters (in reality, only 60% on average) seem so prone to prejudice, vulgarization and over-simplification. Apparently, this referendum was won by “ignorant xenophobes” and “greasy fish n chip loving provincial menial workers” (from a Guardian reader’s comment, copied here).

This smug, self-righteous attitude has quickly spread to become the only ‘acceptable opinion’ on the streets of London. In the height of this hysteria, people are relinquishing their dignity in order to “stop this madness!” as one spoiled MP put it to parliament.

I couldn’t sleep on the night of the vote. As I don’t usually follow mainstream media, I was very skeptical. I didn’t expect victory against the monumental force of moneyed interests: one after the other, we had the entirety of the political establishment (Barrack Obama, Trade Unions, the Governor of the Bank of England, the IMF and a great many more) all speaking in unison: “If you don’t do what we want, there will be consequences”.

By 4am, I was elated. For the first time in my life, the people had actually delivered a resounding NO. More people turned out to vote than in the last 2 decades despite all the fear-mongering tactics, and the message to the establishment was clear: “We have no reason to trust you anymore. If you don’t want this, it must be the right thing for us. Things need to change and we are making our own decisions from now on.” This filled me with hope that we might be able to turn the tide on the horrendously corrupt political class that is swiftly turning our society into an Orwellian police state before our very eyes.

But living in London made celebrating difficult. I emerged from my home on that sunny Friday morning into a strange place. It seemed that absolutely everyone had been jolted awake and forced to confront something nasty they’d been ignoring for too long. I got the 55 bus into town and immediately saw that young, trendy London was not its usual distracted and giggly self. People were uncomfortable, morose and insecure. In front of me, two young women – of student age – were perusing twitter on their smartphones, making strange winey noises and sobbing without actual tears while intermittently glancing around, presumably hoping for engagement, attention, or comfort, in the mass hysteria. I’m sure they got it when they got to class in any case. “WHAT DO WE DO NOW!” one screamed, before the other said “I just don’t understand how people could be so DISGUSTING and RACIST”.

At work, a scene soon developed that made me feel like I was on the TV set of an AA meeting. A British colleague consoled an Italian colleague while everyone listened with an expression of shock or mourning: “So are you adversely affected by this then?” he asked “Well… no, but I’m sure some people are! I certainly DON’T agree with this!”, she fumed. “Yeah, I imagine you must know some people facing deportation.” “No, I don’t know anybody, but it is possible now.” The British colleague then faced the group and began explaining the mind-set of people who “lack empathy”. At this point I left the room, bewildered by the scale of ignorance and close to being physically sick at the virtue-signalling (“look at me, I’m so caring and progressive”). Later in the day, a Chinese colleague took me aside to confide that he’d voted OUT and was glad I “hadn’t drunk the cool aid”. I then approached another British Asian colleague who had looked uncomfortable during the ‘AA meeting’ and I summoned the courage to ask: “did you vote out?”. She looked defensive, but admitted she did. She was relieved when I immediately told her that I had too. I believe this experience of mass hazing and bullying is widespread across London.


I believe the E.U. is a fascist, racist organization, a pro-war alliance and a massive corporate lobby. The EU’s own propaganda spells out its xenophobic worldview very clearly. The following advert from 2012 shows a white woman dressed similarly to the violent protagonist in Tarantino’s movie, Kill Bill, walking into a deserted warehouse where she is threatened by 3 insulting stereotypes: an Asian martial arts expert, a sword-yielding, flying man in a turban, and a half-naked black man threatening her with his capoeira moves. She replicates herself all around them so they are surrounded by 12 of her, thus ‘civilising the violent barbarians’ who then sit down to negotiate before they disappear, encircled by the 12 stars of the European Union (watch it here if you don’t believe me:

The mentality systematically fostered by the EU also reduces cultures in each ‘European state’ down to novelties: ‘the English like the Queen, the Spanish like bullfights, the Germans like sausages’. Based on my own experiences visiting Spain or Germany as a tourist, as well as living in France, Italy, and Switzerland for a total of 3 years as an expat, it seems that many people still rely heavily on basic stereotypes to form their perceptions of other European nations. The creation of the EU doesn’t seem to have helped the majority of people to understand or appreciate other cultures any more than before it was formed. I suspect that educating Europeans about the cultural richness and diversity of their neighbouring countries was never on the EU agenda. In fact, I would argue that the EU seeks to reduce all complex national cultures to meaningless characteristics because its goal is to erase culture in every country and superimpose a vague ‘European identity’. Without an intergenerational sense of culture and belonging, people are easier to manipulate because they look to their leaders – whoever they may be – for guidance, rather than to each other. Each nation state within Europe is multicultural and only a minority of misguided idiots would want to reverse this multiculturalism.

In my opinion, immigration should occur at a speed that the majority of the existing population, wherever they were originally from, is happy with. Elected governments should be held completely accountable to the people, which can only happen in a sovereign state with a true democracy. With a truly educated and diverse population that was in control of its own nation, politicians would not get away with murder so easily, and trials could be held to give terroristic governments and war criminals the punishment that would prevent such leaders from ever being elected again. In order for ordinary people rather than multi-national corporations to influence governments, there needs to be democratic accountability and (more importantly) devolution of power and wealth, spread out as locally as possible to protect against corruption. In other words, self-responsibility and self-governance is needed (the exact opposite of the EU). This would stop the bombs that are leading to the current mass influx of migrants into Europe.

Economically speaking of course, there is enough information online for anyone to see that every country in Europe is being eaten alive. We cannot keep misinterpreting the cries of suffering people across Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the rest, as cries for us to stay in. Hundreds of millions of people in Europe feel under attack and need the EU to end, just as our fellow citizens do. Of course, those who pull the strings will make austerity far worse as punishment for daring to get out, but don’t forget how dire the situation already was. Those in the mainstream who seek to dismiss the suffering of the English, Greek, or Spanish working classes as far-right bias or provincial ignorance are dangerous people with vested interests in corruption and inequality, whether they have the personal intellect to realise it or not. For greater economic forecasts and some invaluable insights, go and read or watch anything by the Forecaster (this was the name of the 2014 documentary about his life), Martin Armstrong, whose ability to crack the code of the rigged stock market earned him 11 years in jail without trial in the United States. He is out now and it is worth finding out not only why he views the European Union as a sinking ship, but also how he places Brexit within a wider seismic global shift.

The fruits of the EU are the degradation of culture, protected crony capitalism, fast growing multinational control over ordinary people (LOOK UP THE SECRET TTIP NEGOTIATIONS THAT THEY NEVER MENTIONED IN RELATION TO THE EU IN THE MAINSTREAM NEWS!), bloated and overpaid bureaucracy, centralisation and entrenchment of political power, along with the lack of supervision or consultation and war mongering OUTSIDE boarders of the union. In another article, I will go into more detail on these issues, such as the TTIP and how the EU is NATO’s financial arm. NATO is war mongering against Russia, which even the German finance minister admits, and it is hoped that the EU will continue assisting in this process. The CIA was very influential in setting up the EU for the convenience of manipulating just 1 rather than 28 different governments: if Brexit spreads to other EU countries, the US loses its hegemony.

This mammoth project has not been bolstered out of the goodness of the Eurocrats’ hearts to protect your workers’ rights or take humanity to the stars. The truth is that most of you live the lives of slaves compared to how your lives should be: there are no real workers’ rights and metrics have shown that we should all be working fewer days by now and earning much more for our time. As a voter, you might have short-term vested interests in the EU: maybe an inflated mortgage in London that everyone assures you will grow in value forever, or perhaps a high salary and enough money to spend at that nice little farmers’ market down the street. I’m a vegetarian and only eat organic, so I sympathise (a bit), but I’m here to tell you that THINGS NEED TO CHANGE AROUND HERE. I believe that Brexit can be a vehicle for this change, and apparently I’m not alone. Brexit is a massive tactical blow to some very dark forces. That is the only reason the mainstream media outlets are giving IN voters a mandate to personally degrade those not on board with this particular model of globalisation.


Having been exposed to about 50 people with very vocal views in favour of REMAIN over the past two days (among which are family, acquaintances, and colleagues), I can see that the corporate media has successfully convinced many Londoners that voting leave was racist (and that house prices would fall if we leave the EU). People have happily undergone heavy cognitive dissonance to perceive themselves as being on the moral high ground, screaming and shouting against BREXIT under the false pretense that they ‘care about their multicultural community’ when in reality all the vitriol is fueled by fear that house prices will fall. If they look hard at their tears in the mirror and ask themselves why they are getting so swept up in this knee-jerk emotional reaction, they will know deep down that it isn’t about racism! It’s about the property ladder crumbling, which is why they think they are so heavily invested in the system continuing exactly as it was.

People who have never lived in the UK, and more specifically London, cannot comprehend the level of obsession over property here. The game of monopoly has been downloaded like a virus into people’s psyches, dictating the majority of their thoughts, actions and, of course, political views. Owning a house in London has been sold to people as their only chance to get out of the rat race. People slave away in horrible jobs decade after decade just to get that little bit closer to finally owning their home and freeing themselves of their MORTGAGE. No amount of reasoning can ever convince the average hard-working Londoner that this “MORTUARY ENGAGEMENT” was always meant to be just that: a bondage of slavery until death do you part. People here even work towards the “dream” that they can play the “property game” themselves, by owning lots of houses and becoming a landLORD, thus continuing the vicious cycle of climbing house prices and ever-increasing rent (thanks to, in great part, desperate EU workers further driving up prices). Ironically, all concern with the destruction of community was absent back then, when destroying the community meant driving up house prices. Nor could people be reasoned with about the inevitability of the bubble bursting: the mere suggestion always sent heads digging deeper into the sand, until echoes of their aggressive, self-defensive muffle became almost inaudible: “the housing bubble can never burst in London, it never has and it never will!” Don’t be fooled by this false racist vs. progressive ideology shoved down your throats. It is reminiscent of George Bush junior’s pleas: “if you’re not for invading Iraq, you’re a terrorist”. = “If you want out of the EU, you’re a racist (and it must be true, because Obama wanted in!)”

If you think you may be guilty of any of the sentiments I’ve written about, please try to consider things from another perspective. Have some humility, some self-respect, and be grateful for those leave voters who came through the bullying and, against the odds, are still trying to make headway in freeing you from the dark world vision of the EU. We are not stupid or simple because of our vote, and the matter of EU membership is not simple, it is in fact very complicated and precarious.
Jun 26, 2016

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