The Comey Factor

James Comey’s decision not to indict Hillary Clinton crystalized something about this administration that has been drip, drip, dripping for the past seven years.

It showed a pattern and formula the Obama people use whenever something comes up that is not on the up and up. Obama’s not been the only one to use it; he’s just perfected it.

Think back to the OJ Simpson trial. The evidence that he killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman was clear. Motive, DNA, history of abuse, unusual circumstances; the jury had to have known he did it. They just didn’t like punishing him for it. So they let him off. The outrage was explosive. You could call that a Comey moment precursor. It worked and crafty people decided truth can be manipulated to whatever result you wanted.

More recently, it was Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts who had a Comey moment. When the verdict came down on Obamacare, many thought he was going to throw it out. The reading of his judgment caused many people listening to rejoice because it gave lots of reason why it wasn’t good. They expected him to throw it out. Then Roberts went into his crazy logic to decide it was constitutional because it was a tax, even though the administration had denied it time and again.

Forward to September 12, 2012. Hillary Clinton claimed the killing of ambassador Chris Stevens was because of a video. Obama representative Susan Rice went on five Sunday talk shows to blame the killing on the video. They pounded that idea, although there wasn’t any evidence to it and virtually no one believed that. Facts just didn’t matter.

So when FBI Director Comey got in front of the microphone and laid out all the evidence of Hillary’s guilt, we expected an indictment to follow. Once again, the facts did not lead to a logical conclusion. He decided guilt really didn’t have anything to do with prosecution.

Reality is one thing, but not relevant when it comes to certain people.

I never bought into that myth that James Comey was a different person – one of integrity. No one who has any dealings with the Obama people can be said to have integrity. You can’t dance with the devil and expect to get to heaven.

Now Comey has provided us with the penultimate example of the Obama effect. Maybe we should start using his name as a verb – to comey – meaning to present the obvious evidence, list it and then drop it as if it never happened. Or as a noun, as in “he did a comey,” meaning a person knew the truth, refused to see it and even denied it. Maybe an adjective as in “comey actions” (see above).

Whatever – or “although” and “however” as he applied at the finale of his list of Mrs. Clinton’s wrongs – Comey has disgraced himself in the eyes of Americans and of history.

One moment may have erased a lifetime of good acts. However, that’s when the true character of a person shows: when it matters.

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