Midtown Goings on

Members of the Midtown Republican Club were briefed on what’s happening in our realm at Tuesday night’s meeting.

President Sam Goff took the podium and began by describing the City Council meeting that day and the issue that has held our attention for months – the Greensward at the Zoo. The mayor’s proposal for parking spaces was on the agenda, and Goff said the Overton Park Conservancy was well represented with happy, enthused people, while the Zoo had bused in fewer people who really didn’t look like they wanted to be there.

In the end, the vote on the proposal was put off for two weeks. Goff said calls to the members Reid Hedgespeth, Philip Spinoza, Kemp Conrad and Worth Morgan in support of the greensward “would not be wasted.”

In Overton Square, Goff mentioned that YOLO would be moving west on Madison. Their current location will be expanded to the north and there are plans for a two story restaurant there.

The Turner Dairy has applied for a PILOT and got an approval by EDGE. They want additional warehouse space. However, there is a zoning question involved, Goff said. “A certain prominent developer would like that property. If the PILOT is declined, Turner has threatened to move to Southaven. We’re getting slapped in the face twice: is the use appropriate (it will add noisy trucks coming in) and they (Turner) don’t pay the taxes that would be collected from a development of retail or residential places.”
In addition, “Kroger on Cleveland wants to put a fuel center on Garland. There is an issue about fuel centers being located near an intersection.”

Zaxby’s, Goff said, is on its way (Union near the Parkway) and Central BBQ on Central is taking the space Goodwill occupied for a catering and take out kitchen.”

As for the Belz property at Union and McLean, “until the minor medical place moves, nothing is going to happen. Belz and partners also don’t want to do anything until the left turn lane is taken care of.”

Sears Crosstown already has “more than 100 apartments pledged for that project. A studio is going for $1,200 a month and a three bedroom will cost $2,600 a month.”

The 19th Century club restaurant “may open this fall,” Goff said and the property the company bought across the street will be a restaurant that shares parking with The Cupboard.

“A lot of positive stuff is going on in Midtown,” Goff said. “Don’t be shy about letting everyone know that.”

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