Ryan Could Lose His Seat

Paul Ryan’s challenger for his Congressional seat has come from behind and is gaining on the Speaker of the House.

A poll released from rival Paul Nehlen’s campaign shows Ryan at 43%, Nehlen at 32% with 25% undecided.

For those of us who think Ryan has shafted us, this is good news. Nothing would be better than to get rid of the guy who failed to make any progress on eliminating Obamacare, just voted a huge bailout for Puerto Rico, refuses to do anything about illegal immigration and who continually weakens our party with his complaints about frontrunner Donald Trump.

Ryan continues to serve Obama well by implementing his programs and attacking Trump.

There is an even better poll out for Nehlen.

Redstatewatcher writes:

The latest poll by AMP shows House Speaker Paul Ryan losing his house seat to challenger Paul Nehlen. Linkis.com reported: Rino’s primary opponent, Paul (must be a very popular name in Wisconsin) Nehlen, has surged and taken the lead. Nehlen now leads the Republican Speaker of the House 47% to 41%. Nehlen has picked up the support of many high-profile conservatives, including Sarah Palin and Michelle Malkin. AMP polled 452 voters and has Nehlen up 7 points over the metrosexual Ryan, who recently refused to endorse Donald Trump, and called for him to ‘tone down his immigrant rhetoric.’ Paul Ryan is playing Progressive politically correct games. Trump has stated repeatedly that his issue is with ILLEGAL immigration – a serious issue that is destroying America. Paul Ryan knows this but is using Liberal tactics to keep his open-border/cheap labor agenda going.

Nehlen took his case to the people right outside Ryan’s home. Note Ryan has built quite an expensive wall around his own domicile.

You can contribute to Nehlen at his website: https://causes.anedot.com/nehlen-victory-fund

What a message it would send if Ryan lost his House seat!

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