Bush Aids Obama

I liked George W. Bush. I even campaigned for him in 2004 in Ohio.

But this year’s presidential primary and election have been clarifying. Trump’s forthrightness and the reaction to it by others in the same party have shown that Bush, too, is a member of the Uniparty, the elite class that transcends political parties in an effort to push an agenda favorable to themselves.

43’s brother, Jeb, also revealed their hand with his opposition to any immigration restraints, support for Common Core and acceding to the Chamber of Commerce on trade deals.

Today President Obama is going to make a speech in Dallas about the murder of the police there. He has a golden opportunity to speak out for them and against retaliatory violence by Black Lives Matter. Will he? Probably not. I don’t think I can watch it because he repulses me with his fake sincerity, lies and probably another call for gun control.

And who’s going to give him cover on the podium? George W. Bush.

Remember, the Bushes have declined to come to the Republican National Convention in support of our candidate, Donald Trump.

But he will come and support President Obama.
Conservative Treehouse writes:

President Obama is in a very tenuous position this week as a nation has been stunned by the targeting of police officers. Indeed, there is a solid argument to be made that President Obama created the antagonism toward law enforcement with various speeches and cursory accusations of unequal treatment.

As a modern social justice president who embraces radical extremist groups like Black Lives Matter, and as an executive community activist who has used the cabinet offices of his administration to leverage social change, President Obama has embraced many divisive entities and expressed ideological alignment with their cause.

The gunman in Dallas who targeted white police officers, specifically because of the color of their skin, is just one visible consequence from a President who rails against a system of law and order. Obama’s ideology is more comfortable amid the chaos.

Having to face the consequences of that chaos, President Obama is in a very vulnerable position. He was also facing the very real possibility to going to Dallas and finding a less than hospitable community enraged with him as they are left to deal with the horrific consequences of his antagonisms.

Enter George W. Bush to present himself as a noble shield.

Valerie Jarrett provides the cover – President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush on Tuesday will speak at an interfaith memorial service in Dallas for five police officers slain late last week, as well as meet with the victims’ families.

The President will visit the Texas city at the request of Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement Sunday afternoon. On Sunday evening the White House announced that Bush would join his successor at the memorial service in Texas.

Vice President Joe Biden will also attend the service at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, as will former first lady Laura Bush.

Yet Jeb Bush just announced he won’t vote for Trump and GWB has indicated he will do the same thing. Neither they nor their father will attend the convention in Cleveland.

Let that sink in.

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