Pence Gets Taste of Liberal Bile

You know that the liberal side of the aisle had Mike Pence in their sites as soon as it was announced that he was Trump’s VP pick.

They were looking for some way to skewer him and they think they found it.

Pence, his wife and daughter decided to eat at Chili’s before leaving New York. They stopped in at 4 p.m. and he shared a picture of them eating there on twitter.

The Daily Mail writes:

Pence tweeted a photograph of himself, his wife Karen and daughter Charlotte in a booth enjoying a ‘quick dinner’.

Within two hours of the tweet, ‘Chili’s’ was trending on Twitter across the United States.

New Yorkers immediately questioned his judgement for picking Chili’s – calling him ‘shameful’ and ‘unfit for office’ as social media erupted into a predictable frenzy.

Having spent two days with Trump in Manhattan after being named as the Republican nominee for vice president on Saturday, Pence found himself in Chili’s at 4pm after his private jet flight back to Indianapolis was delayed for an hour.

However, New Yorkers demanded to know why Pence had picked a Chili’s outside Teterboro, New Jersey rather than one of the many famed restaurants in the Big Apple, one of the culinary capitals of the world.

‘Hey Mike Pence, you know we have 18,000 restaurants in NYC, right?’ tweeted journalist John Avlon.

‘You came to New York City and went to Chili’s? Shameful,’ another user wrote.

‘Trump/Pence 2016: Making America great again by having the worst taste in NYC restaurants ever’, wrote another, sharing a picture of Trump and Sarah Palin eating at pizzeria chain Famous Famiglia.

But one Twitter user had a bigger issue with the time Pence chose to eat dinner, rather than the place.

‘Bruh you’re eating dinner at 4,’ his first tweet began.

‘Nobody eats dinner at 4 in NYC,’ he continued in his second. ‘That’s still lunch hour.’

‘If he eats dinner at 4pm you can only assume he’s in bed at 8pm,’ he wrote in the third. ‘And I need a more active VP.’

Maybe they were just hungry and that was close? Maybe they hadn’t had anything to eat since breakfast, so that was available? His flight left from Teterboro so maybe that had something to do with it? Fewer crowds eyeballing them, too?

Maybe he planned it that way to connect with flyover Americans. Can you imagine the firestorm that would have erupted had they sat down to the swankiest table in New York? Others would have been smoking at the amount of money they spent or at the snobbery of eating ravioli topped with fennel pollen or linguine with guanciale.
Had they gone to an ethnic restaurant they would have been charged with pandering to a minority.
Had they gone to one of the places favored by swells and culinary snobs they might have encountered blowback (literally) from the staff or been turned away by Hillary proponents, many of whom run these places.

We’ve really declined into pettiness to attack someone for grabbing a quick bite. I don’t remember many of the libs attacking Hillary when she dropped by Chipotle. If you recall, she didn’t even know what or how to order and didn’t leave a tip or much of one. And shall I mention the heresy of indulging in fast food?

The only thing the libs accomplished with this attack is to show the Trump campaign more in line with Americans than the Democrats.

Pence to liberals: bite me.

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