Convention Day 1

This morning I woke up to the silliest objection to a convention speech I’ve ever heard.

Some leftists are objecting that Melania Trump’s speech had passages that resembled Michelle Obama’s convention speech in 2008.

So what? Melania did fabulously well. She seemed at ease, delivered the speech well and the message was good, too. I actually heard some commentators say this morning that it was so good that it was a “tragedy” that her words were like Michelle’s.

How ridiculous. Did it ever occur to them that it was on purpose? The speechwriters may have wanted to put those words in her mouth in an effort to juxtapose her with Michelle.

Clearly the objections to this are insane. The only thing that troubled me about Melania was her shoes. The stilettos were so high I feared she might trip or fall on the way to the podium. Had it been me, I’d have worried about that scenario all day.

Rudy Giuliani made an impassioned speech, didn’t he? After 7 1/2 years of Obama, if you’re not outraged by now you might as well be a tree. He probably had the best lines of the night with his talk about the police coming to rescue people of all races, beliefs and sexual orientations.

I liked Marcus Luttrell, too. The Lone Survivor author was almost overcome with emotion when he described his fellow veterans. His talk that he had done his duty and now it was up to us to do ours by voting for Trump was well said.

Dave Clark, the Milwaukee policeman who has been eloquent defending cops on cable shows, did well in the arena. He got a lot of applause as his booming voice commanded everyone’s attention.

I saw on twitter that many liberals were pooh poohing the Benghazi speakers. Chris Matthews didn’t like Sean Smith’s mother’s speech and others thought that segment went on too long. Probably because they know it is a weakness for Hillary and want it downplayed.

To me, it connects to all Americans. We have known our government will not help us if we’re in need.

I liked that Bob Dole attended. He got a lot of attention from Mike Pence and Rudy Giuliani. Wondered where Elizabeth Dole was? She’s a force herself and I would have expected her to be there since Dole, obviously in poor shape was.

There were a few protestors in the audience and that seemed to effect Senator Jeff Sessions’ speech. How did that happen? How were they allowed in the hall? That needs not to happen again.

The Never Trumpers ought to be gone, too. Where do they get the nerve to think that they matter? A record number of Republicans voted for Trump. Why can’t they acknowledge that he won? What can Senator Mike Lee be thinking to do this? I have lost a lot of respect for him.

When their objections happened, in the late afternoon, networks were quick to seize on the chaos. Even Fox News anchors seemed to enjoy it. Happily it dissipated and the convention got underway.

There is enough to worry about with protestors outside. We don’t need any on the inside.

Tonight should be an interesting one, too, with the them of getting America back to work again. Looks like Donald Trump will deliver a short speech from Trump Towers in New York. Dr. Ben Carson will be speaking, too.

I watched C Span’s coverage. You don’t get the inane banter from talk show hosts that you get on the cable channels.

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