Convention Day 2

Despite all the media hype and anxiety, the second day of the convention went off well.

There weren’t any disruptions on the floor – save for a lame attention getting vote kerfuffle by Alaska – and Trump soared past the 1237 delegates needed to secure the nomination. In fact, he got 1725 delegates. No tricks were played, no last minute protests, no attempts to shut it down.

One of the highlights of the night was when the New York delegation, lead by Donald Trump Jr. and including Ivanka, Tiffany and Eric, put Donald over the top. It was a lovely, sincere family moment of joy. Deservedly, so, too.

Even Paul Ryan exceeded my low expectations by his pretty good speech. He framed it by saying that a democracy is a series of choices. He said that next week (during the Democrat convention) you could use the mute button on their show for four days, but you couldn’t do it for the next four years. He pictured himself as Speaker, I guess at the State of the Union speech, with President Donald Trump and Vice President Pence. Um, maybe. Not the Trump/Pence part, but the Ryan seat may not be all that secure.

Mitch McConnell followed and he had a substantive speech, but he’s not dynamic in his delivery. Looked, too, like the audience was not thrilled with him. Does he wonder why? He touted the Senate’s accomplishments, but he does seem to let Obama do what he wants.

Everyone was curious if Chris Christie would give the kind of self absorbed speech he gave at Romney’s convention. He didn’t. He acted as prosecutor for Hillary Clinton’s crimes and the audience loved it. Probably it was an audition for Attorney General.

I found it amazing that at age 22 Tiffany Trump could be so poised speaking in front of an audience of thousands there and millions at home. Most millenials would not have been able to carry it off, much less older adults.

It was Don Jr. – DJTJ if you will – who wowed the audience. He, too, was amazingly composed and gave as good a wrap up of the Clinton vs. Trump approach as anyone has. More of him, in the future please.

Dr. Ben Carson had love oozing from the audience when he took the podium. His brief speech mentioning the connection between Hillary’s love of Saul Alinsky and the latter’s dedication of his book to Satan pleased the audience but has liberals today fire breathing. Dr. Carson had more enthusiasm and life in his delivery than he ever did in his own campaign. Funny, isn’t it?

None of what was said would send a tingle up a liberal’s leg, but why should we direct our efforts to them? It’s established that the media will dis anything that’s said anyhow. That they are still indignant about Melania’s speech shows that they will find anything they can to take our candidates down.

Tonight there is Ted Cruz on tap. He should look at the long game and be gracious and generous to the victor. He lost and he did promise to endorse the Republican primary winner.

We’ll see what kind of man he is tonight.

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