Trump Triumphant

Haven’t seen much negative about Trump’s convention acceptance speech last night. That in itself is a major coup. Democrats will have to mine deep to find anything ordinary Americans would disagree with in it.

It was a little long, but with networks all giving him this time to appeal to hundreds of millions of Americans, he had a lot to say and he took advantage of it.

His message was good: I will be your voice. Most Americans feel they are struggling alone without anyone to represent them. Certainly the Republican Congress has let it all go by without much beside a spitball thrown at Obama. His contrast with Hillary’s slogan, “I’m with her,” was turned into I will work for you. It is a brilliant tour de force.

He said “things have to change and they have to change right now.” Can’t argue with that. With police dying every day, the problem of crime is one that effects every American. No one feels safe on the streets, in their homes or at the mall anymore.

Trump repeated that the system is rigged. Looking at how FBI Director James Comey gave Hillary a pass, this is obvious. He said “corruption has reached a level in our country like never, ever before.” Media doesn’t talk about it, but regular citizens do.

Another theme that works is elitists vs. Americans. That ties into his Make America Great Again. I like this because if there is ever a party that’s elite, it’s the Democrats, and we need to focus on our party’s concern for the middle class to win again.

Trump’s hand gestures need a tone down and his voice was a little too loud at times. I preferred when he modulated it. His asides, when he goes off script a little, are always good because they underscore his authenticity.
The 76 minutes of this speech, plus Ivanka’s prelude, deleted everything about Ted Cruz’s non endorsement yesterday. Who even remembers it or him? He had his moment of spite, but no one will care much about it.

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