Clinton Movie Exposes All

Last night streamed the movie “Clinton Cash” for free.

If you’re not familiar with it, it is based on the book by Peter Schweitzer of the same name and, yes, he’s the narrator in the one hour film.

Clinton Cash is a damning look at the way the Clintons have manipulated money for their own behalf since Bill left the White House. The Clinton Global Initiative they founded has been the money bags for the couple, although some they have used for themselves. Schweitzer documents all the connections without trying to include so much that it’s hard to follow.

It’s hard enough for an average person to follow just in the complete lack of ethics this couple has. As he tells it, the Clintons have never been ones to mind that they are taking advantage of the most poor and destitute across the globe.

He begins with Rwanda. Schweitzer documents how the president Paul Kagame gave money to the Clintons in exchange for access to gold and mining rights, none of which benefited poor Rwandans. Bill Clinton visited there and legitimized the corrupt regime and opened the way for a sort of 19th century colonization of the country. He introduced former Ambassador Joe Wilson (his wife Valerie played a role in the ousting of Bush administration Scooter Libby) who through Jarch Capital made deals with war lords to sew up access to land in south Sudan for natural gas, oil and mineral rights, much to his benefit.
You begin to see how important it was that Hillary become Secretary of State in the Obama administration and wonder what kind of deal she struck with Obama. The Secretary of State can grant waivers to open money to countries we have vowed not to support and that’s what she did in Nigeria. Our government had a law that would not allow money to go there because of lack of transparency and Hillary waived it after Bill made two speeches in Nigeria and was compensated $700,000 for each.

It was later discovered that one of the donors, Gilbert Chagoury, gave $1 billion to the Clinton Global Initiative. Chagoury was an associate of Marc Rich and they profited from the waiver. Schweitzer emphasized that none of the money trickled down to the people in need – a common occurrence with the Clintons.

The film moves on to Haiti, scene of a disastrous earthquake years ago. Cheryl Mills, a former Clinton Chief of Staff who works for Hillary’s campaign now, was put in charge of distribution of funds. Then Bill swooped in, wouldn’t let the Haitians take charge of anything and shut them out of decisions.

Why? Because many friends of Bill got a lot of the money or profited in other ways. Schweitzer dubs this “disaster capitalism.” He points to $124 million give for a textile manufacturing plant to be built in Haiti. They said it would create 60,000 jobs for the poor residents. It never produced more than 5,000 jobs, most of them poor paying, allowing the Gap, Target and Walmart to benefit from goods made by cheap labor.

According to Schweitzer, you had to give money to the CGI to get a contract. Involved in this was a housing project that produced fewer house than promised at a budget overrun; Digicell, owned by billionaire buddy Dennis O’Brien, which got the contract for mobile money transfers via phones; and a gold mining contract – the first in 50 years – that had Hillary’s brother Tony Rodham on the board.

You begin to see a pattern here. He goes on to talk about the Keystone Pipeline, that the State Department OK’d after money flowed to Bill; Ericsson, a Swedish company that got a waiver to do engineering for Iran and Belarus; deals in Colombia that catapulted many to enormous riches; India’s nuke deal; and most frighteningly, a deal that allowed Russia to now own more than 20% of American uranium mines.

The great detail and connections the film makes between the Clintons and their donors can’t be disputed. Schweitzer has done his homework and then some.

Obviously, the media has failed to enlighten us on these events.

Let’s hope Trump uses all this against her or we will have an even more corrupt world than we dreamed possible. If he wins, he must prosecute and dismantle this horrific operation they have.

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