Shock: O on the Supreme Court?

While reading Page Six of the New York Post today, I ran across this item from Cindy Adams:

Droplets from Democraticland are about new mansion-style house Obama bought in Kalorama, Greater Washington’s classy section. It has eight bedrooms. The report he’s staying in DC so his daughter can finish school was rebutted with: “Naaaah. If Hillary wins, he’s hanging around for a Supreme Court job.”

If that doesn’t set off alarms bells, what would? Can you imagine Obama as a Justice on the highest court in the land?

He would put this country so far left, we’d be bumping up against the Japanese coast. You could kiss the Constitution good-bye and the first and second amendments would quickly be in the trash bin.

This reeks of a deal struck with Hillary, doesn’t it? I’ll support you, I won’t let you be indicted over the email scandal or anything else and you’ll nominate me for the Supreme Court. There’s probably money involved, too, as there always is with the Clintons. Money could be sneaked into the Clinton Global Initiative, the DNC and her campaign war chest.

I can never forgive Ted Cruz for his non endorsement at the RNC. Would he want an Obama Justice? Did he even think about that? Does he want the country to become so broken that he’s the only Republican left standing? None of this is a profile in integrity.

As for the Never Trumpers, is this what they want? I can only assume some do because they feel conservatives will start listening to them, putting more money in their wallets. They, too, have shown themselves not to be the high minded people they insist they are, but money grubbers.

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