Cruz Already a Millstone

When you turn on your own, self immolate and show your true, bitter nature, well, people don’t like that.
Senator Cruz may have found that out when he failed to endorse the Republican nominee at the convention and got booed, but the full import of it hasn’t hit yet.

Yes, he was turned away from big GOP donor Sheldon Adelson’s hotel suite that night, and later deried in an op ed by the wealthy GOP donors, the Mercers. But, wait! There’s more.

Blogger Don Surber found this:

Georgia State Senator Mike Crane backed Ted Cruz.

He got his butt whipped in Tuesday’s Republican primary for an open congressional seat now held by Republican Lynn Westmoreland. This came after Cruz stumped for Crane the day after being booed at the RNC for being a jerk. Guess voters voted their conscience.

Oh yes, and Crane said he would shoot a police officer who used a no-knock warrant. From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“You come to my house, kick down my door — if I have an opportunity, I will shoot you dead,” Crane said.

An “amen” can be heard in the recording, coming from the crowd.

“And every one of you should do the same. It is the only area where the law enforcement community and I differ,” Crane said. “But they have to understand the law.

White Lives Matter.

Surprisingly, many Republicans oppose shooting law enforcement officers who are in your house legally. We can argue the constitutionality of no-knock warrants. but until a judge rules that way in a case that applies to Crane’s district, guess what? They’re legal. As the song Truckin’ said:

But if you got a warrant, I guess you’re gonna come in.

I get that you have rights but I also get that Blue Lives Matter. They do not have time to play games. You do what you are told. There is time to correct things later.

Cruz who memorized the Constitution at 13 seems to have forgotten the part that says police can enter a home with a warrant. From the Atlanta newspaper’s account of his appearance on Friday:

Cruz appeared unfazed by the recent controversy telling a crowd of supporters that Georgia needs someone with a backbone in Washington.

“If you want to see a federal government that finally does its job, secures the borders, stops illegal immigration, elect Mike Crane to Congress,” Cruz said.

Crane, who choked up when he introduced Cruz, is viewed by some as the Georgia Senate’s version of the Texas senator: Independent and unafraid to ruffle feathers, even if it means alienating his own Republican colleagues. Ferguson has been endorsed by the state Chamber of Commerce and retiring 3rd District Congressman Lynn Westmoreland. He’s widely viewed as the establishment Republican candidate in the race.

It was an 8-point victory for Drew Ferguson, former mayor of West Point, Georgia.

In the wake of what happened to Crane, Cruz might consider being less of a jerk.

He’ll be lucky if he holds his Senate seat in 2018, particularly if former Governor Rick Perry decides he wants it.

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