Don’t Swim the Channel

The older I get the more apparent it is that the media directs everything. TV news channels, newspapers, magazines and even entertainment channels tell us what to know and when we know it.

They showed their hand in phrases that would all of a sudden pop up on one TV report and then reverberate throughout media. For example, George W. Bush was said to lack gravitas. That unusual word echoed everywhere. It wasn’t an accident, obviously.

They are busy directing what we know in this presidential campaign. Channels do exactly that. They channel the news in the direction they want. It maybe the most concerted effort ever this year. We are told that Trump is unstable, with a bad temperament, but we have to go hunt for information on Hillary’s health. They question Trump’s tax returns, but the Clinton Foundation money donors never get examined. They say Trump is poor on foreign policy while Hillary’s repeated wrongs in Benghazi, Libya and Russia get a pass. It’s sickening.

Some will remember activist Timothy Leary telling hippies in 1966 to “turn on, tune in, drop out.”

Today I would say turn off, tune out and drop in.

That is, turn off and tune out the cable news channels. They are all unreliable and full of propaganda. It’s one thing to listen to the truth, it’s another to be fed lies. Even Fox News is questionable, especially since Roger Ailes has gone. The new Murdoch sons taking charge are looking to turn the network leftward. Both believe strongly in global climate change and one of them has a wife deep into it and on the board of the Clinton Global Initiative. Father Rupert has been promoting open immigration for a long time. He and his cronies want cheap labor and don’t give a damn about the American worker.

CNN this week showed how they lie. Promoting the idea that the Secret Service was questioning the Trump campaign about an alleged threat to assassinate Hillary was shown – by the Secret Service – to be a lie. Not that their credibility or that of MSNBC or NBC has ever ranked high.

There is a new alternative channel available to some now that gets a lot of praise from commentators at conservative websites. It’s One America News network, OAN for short. It’s stationed in San Diego and the website is You can watch it on apple TV, amazon fire TV or through Roku. I have done the latter. It may be available on AT&T Uverse as well. It is on 24/7. Turn it on.

Tune out the news you read as well. Our morning publication has not distinguished itself for truth telling. I always think back to the 2010 election headline warning that Republicans would probably lose all the seats locally. Instead, we won all the seats. Last year, their poll put Wharton ahead in the mayoral election. Didn’t work out that way at all and Strickland won by ten points.

Drop in to better websites. I have found to be exceptional. They move stories throughout the day. They are fearless in telling politically incorrect truths. You hear them being cited more and more on talk radio. has also excelled as has Lifezette and The old standby Drudge report has been reliable, too.

Facebook has lost a lot of followers and Twitter faces some big business losses. Many times candidates pay to have trolls working these sites. Don’t upset yourself by believing what people say on them or getting into an argument there.

Going to new and better media sites is a move towards truth and against deception. CNN saw itself fall to third in cable news rankings this week. Not watching is a way to hurt them and eventually get them back on track. I don’t think Megyn Kelly has ever recovered from her targeted attack in the first Republican debate. Her interview special afterwards fell flat and supposedly so did the big raise she wanted.

Tune them out and turn them off.

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