Hillary Energy Fizzling

While Donald Trump is tearing up Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio, Mrs. Clinton is flagging.

D.C. Whispers remarks:

The always-good GATEWAY PUNDIT made a keen observation today that outlines just how much downtime Hillary Clinton has been taking of late. In just the first two weeks of August, Mrs. Clinton has been off the campaign trail 50% of the time! And when she does show up, it’s to small crowds.

Meanwhile, her opponent Donald Trump continues to campaign nearly every day to massive crowds of supporters across the country – despite the Mainstream Media continuing to chant the mantra that Mr. Trump is losing badly to Hillary Clinton.

The above graph clearly shows that Donald Trump’s campaign stops are outperforming Clinton campaign stops by nearly an astonishing 100,000 MORE attendees!

There has never been an example of such lopsided political rally attendance in the modern era of presidential politics – until now.

Perhaps Mr. Trump is right and Hillary Clinton just wants to, “go home and go to sleep.”

Don’t buy the media narrative that Trump is falling behind. Your own eyes tell you differently.

Also, who believes that if Trump is ahead, the mainstream media outlets would tell us? I don’t.

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