Trump Speech on Target

I listened to Donald Trump’s speech last night. I found it excitingly on point.

This morning the media is trying to tell us that his campaign had a shakeup yet again. I don’t see it that way. It’s always good and usual at this time to take on more help. He’s not ousting Paul Manafort. The addition of Stephen Bannon of Breitbart is brilliant.

I have previously said that Breitbart is one of the best sites on the web. Others must agree, because it’s getting phenomenal traffic. Bannon has a distaste for the GOPe. He also understands media, so that is a plus. I thought that was evident in last night’s speech when Trump said he would wear the media’s dislike of him as a badge of honor. Amen! That’s the right way to turn the outlandish media hatred into a plus. Most Americans understand that the media is corrupt and in the pocket of the Democrats. We get that they skew the news and blow up any little thing into a ridiculous big deal. Why not use this as a way to connect to people and as an asset?

Another move in the campaign is the addition of pollster Kelly Anne Conway. Whenever I’ve seen her on TV I’ve been impressed with her pugnacity and saavvy. She doesn’t let anchors skip over her or denigrate Republicans when they have her on. She knows what she’s working with on TV. And she’s a woman, which puts another nail in the coffin of the Trump hates women meme.

I also think she’s responsible for Trump’s move to address the African American community in Milwaukee last night. He was right to go there and I bet she suggested it. Trump rightly pointed out that the greatest victims of the anti police movement are the ordinary blacks who get shot in drive by shootings even while sitting on their own porches. He brought up Chicago and its huge death toll. He said that was not acceptable. How could anyone argue with that?

Even though the media tells us the election is over in June or after the conventions in July or whatever arbitrary date they make up – people really don’t begin paying attention til after Labor Day.

Looks to me that Trump will be firing on all cylinders then. People will have forgotten his “gaffes” especially as he concentrates on the issues we all care about.

If you missed the speech it’s here:

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