Another Arkancide Victim?

You know what Arkancide is. It’s that sudden and inexplicable death of someone who might do harm to the Clintons. It first happened while he was governor of Arkansas, hence the name.

There have been several suspicious deaths this summer:

John Jones, who represented Wikileaks chief Julian Assange, died April 18. He was 48 years old. He was staying in a hospital, reportedly for mental problems and reportedly he jumped in front of a train after he was allowed to leave the hospital for a walk at 5 a.m. They deemed it a suicide.

Lawfuel blog has questions about the incident:

Few reported on it or raised the obviously question as to his suicide – Why?

However serious questions have arisen this week at the coronial inquest into Mr. Jones’ death as to how he was permitted to leave a private psychiatric hospital at 5am and go to the train station where he died.

As the Camden New Journal reported he was at the private hospital with a number of mental health issues that had been given the ‘working diagnosis’ of bipolar disorder and anxiety.

But the court heard that he spent the majority of the time alone in his room, refusing to attend therapy sessions or even eat in the communal dinning room.

Coroner Mary Hassell raised concerns about his treatment and said: “He was in his room, lying on his bed or on his laptop. That seems fairly awful in therapeutic terms. To me if I were worried about a person that was mentally unwell I would think that environment was the worst possible environment for them.”

As the EU Times reported this week: No one did any kind of investigative journalism at all and no one asked themselves what was a millionaire lawyer doing on the train tracks. Picking mushrooms?

There is a severe lack of information that we don’t even know where exactly this happened, in West Hampstead train station? In the middle of nowhere? No one interviewed the train driver, no one asked him what happened or what he saw. Was he pushed in front of a train? Did he slip? Are there any witnesses? What about CCTV cameras?? UK is infested with those yet they prove useless now when we need them?

Again, complete blackout on this so-called suicide.

Strange indeed.

He was happily married, with children. His mother says he would never take his life because of the children.

His wife said she was “surprised” when her husband was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after a one hour meeting with a Dr. Pereira because she said: “John could be obsessive, and could ruminate, but he didn’t have highs and lows.”

Julian Assange has questions about it, too, especially after Wikileaks tweeted “Male intruder at 2.47am climbed this wall of the Ecuadorian embassy in London where Assange has asylum.” Then this: “Inquest rules that death of Julian Assange’s lawyer, John Jones QC, was not ‘suicide’, opening door to law suits.”

If you’ll recall, Wikileaks says they will release documents damaging to Hillary Clinton before our election. Stay tuned.

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